Mobile technology is evolving rapidly with the cutting edge competition. Everything has now comprised to this small device called ‘mobile’. It is beyond one’s imagination how far the mobile technology has come in the past 5 years! Now, the use of smart phones has shifted from professionals to the global audience. In 2014, 1.75 billion of the population uses a smart phone.

This is because mobile phones have made life of an individual extremely easy. With this small gadget people can pay bills online, make purchases, interact with others via social media, watch movies, research on web etc. Apart from technology, mobile instruments too have undergone a stunning advancement like smart phones, tablets or wearable technology.

Majority of the population now relies on their mobile phones and can’t imagine their life without it. If you are also mobile crazy, then keep these following upcoming mobile trends in mind:


Context is amongst the biggest mobile trends that make operations easy. Mobile application development companies these days have understood the importance of context. Their new focus is to build such applications that are contextually aware. This focus will grow the context aware computing market to $119.90 billion by the year 2018. Major mobile device players of the market like Apple, Qualcomm and Google have adopted context aware technologies like Gimbal, ContextHub and iBeacons.

Cheaper Smart Phones

With the advancement in technology, offering smart phones at reduced rate has been a major target to attract huge traffic. Cheapest of the smart phones have been launched. The declares that even in developed countries, demand for cheaper mobile instruments is booming compared to the pricey phones. The cost of making a smart phone has decreased immensely with advanced technology. Hence, the trend is shifting to the increased demand of cheaper smart phones.

Also competition is a major factor that has contributed majorly in cost reduced smart phones. For instance, after losing in the market in 2013, HTC is following a strategy to reverse its slump of sales. HTC will sell its high end devices along with mid-tier and affordable devices.

However among cost-sensitive consumers, the offering by Apple on iPad and iPhone is gaining momentum.

Productive Apps

Though mobile phones have become an attraction for using social networks, productive apps are gaining more popularity. Statistics of Business Insider shows that in the 1st quarter of 2014, a U.S consumer spends an average of 5.5 minutes a day in using productive apps whereas in 2013 the same digits were as low as 2.5 per day.

Productivity applications like Dropbox, Google Calendar, Work+ etc are designed to make the user’s telecommuting work easy. Also, Microsoft Office released for iPad has risen the number of productivity applications for tablets.

Productive apps are a means to expand the scope of enterprise business apps.

Internet of Things

Google has purchased Nest, which is moving mobile phones closer to homes. Internet of Things is gaining immense prominence. It is a term that refers to make dumb devices smarter.

For instance, the popularity of devices such as Belkin WeMo is increasing with its unique feature of controlling items like lamp or blender via smart phones. The incorporation of the loT ecosystem and the sensors is expanding rapidly by developers who are trying to make optimum use of the available information.

Security in Mobile

Majority of the population is using a cell phone and hence security is a major issue. It will continue to be a matter of concern with gradual increase in the number of mobile users day by day. People are accessing their emails; pay bills or manage bank accounts through their mobiles. Hence, security threats will be the centre of focus for mobile developers.

Apple has brought an innovative security feature with Touch ID unlock system in iPhone where the device is unlocked with just a finger touch of the owner. This advanced technology takes a high-resolution snap of your finger for analysis. This can also be used for making secure purchases.

Android is also coming up with anti-theft features like ‘Find My Mobile’ and ‘Reactivation Lock’.

Enterprises will start using MDM and MAM systems to enhance mobile and app security by 2017.


There will be numerous upcoming trends to figure the mobile future. This is just a glance of it. There is much more to come!