All about Magento – the Perfect eCommerce Solution

What is Magento?

Magento is an eCommerce platform that has been built on open source technology. It presents a strong content management and flexible shopping cart system that can help online merchants manage and easily alter the look, content, and functionality of their eCommerce store. In addition to that, Magento is also renowned for the wide range of marketing tools that it presents. Be it the content-management tools of the platform or its Search Engine Optimization features, Magento lets you easily market your products.

One interesting aspect of Magento that needs to be known is the large bouquet of options that are available to users. Be it the community open source edition or even the large-scale enterprise SaaS based arrangement, you can have what you need. These options also append scalability to the proposition. You can start small and quickly expand to numerous products. Moreover, the large Magento community helps developers face any challenges.

Advantages of Magento

There are a wide range of advantages that Magento presents to the merchants and the shoppers. Let’s delve into some of the advantages of the platform that will impress you:

  • Open Source

The first advantage of Magento that needs to be understood is the fact that this is an open source technology. So what does this mean for you? Firstly, it definitely brings down the total cost of development & deployment of your project. Additionally, this also means that it is more flexible for the developers, easy to access, and highly secure.

  • Content Management

As we know, content management makes editing easy. Magento’s content management system comprises of an intuitive and visual-based page editor. This means that merchants can customize their offerings on the fly. You don’t need to understand coding to be able to manipulate the basic functioning of your shopping cart.

  • Marketing

Magento has been designed in a way that it makes it possible for you to open the floodgates for improved organic traffic. The platform has been built with SEO efficiency in mind. If you perform better with regards to Search Engine Optimization, you will have a better chance to rank higher on Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.

  • Mobile-Friendly

Shopping Carts, with Magento, have been designed & developed responsively. Hence, your store can be viewed easily on desktops, tablets, and mobile devices. In today’s times, your users can access your online store from multiple devices. Hence, being responsive is important.

  • Power & Space

Magento is a powerful platform. It can support up to 50,000 products on the online store. At the same time, it can let you handle more than 80,000 orders per hour. Hence, you might start small but you have all the opportunity of gaining future growth.

  • Up-Selling & Cross-Selling

When you have a bricks-and-mortar store, it becomes easy for you to upsell and cross-sell to your customers. That’s a great way of increasing the potential of your additional revenue. Magento allows you to replicate the same with prompts that can be added to product and checkout pages.

  • Large Community

Finally, one of the biggest advantages of Magento is the large community that it has. There are over 200,000 businesses who use Magento, and many other developers who are fond of this. This means that some of the most challenging projects can be handled with ease.

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Various Editions

As we mentioned earlier, there are various editions available with Magento. These ensure that you can have a platform that suits your current & future needs. Here’s a quick wrap-up of some of the editions available with Magento:

  • Enterprise Cloud Edition

This is an extremely interesting example of platform as a service offering. This edition of Magento works perfectly for enterprise level storefronts. The offering ensures that these web storefronts are scalable, secure, and are fully customized. In addition to that, it also offers infrastructure for hosting and managed services. Learn more…

  • Enterprise Edition

Magento’s enterprise edition is a scalable eCommerce development solution that is perfectly suited for large businesses that are growing rapidly. As the name suggests, this version is laced with enterprise-level features. It is just the perfect solution to drive increased traffic to your online store. Learn more…

  • Commerce Order Management Suite

This edition of Magento is useful for the connection of sales as well as fulfillment channels. It collects information from each of these channels to be able to create customized rules as well as processes for individual orders. This solution is on the cloud, and has been built to manage your inventory, orders, and fulfillment. Learn more…

  • Community Edition

The community edition is meant to be used by merchants and developers to use various features of Magento. It allows you to edit the core code and also engage with the Magento community. Learn more…

Multiple Extensions

One reason why developers love Magento is because it is never short of Extensions. There are numerous Extensions available. Following are some of the top Extensions that Magento developers can access:

  • Slider by Webline

Here is an Extension that helps you create image sliders. It is ready-made and easy to implement in order to lend your slider a native look and feel. Moreover, there are various effects that can be used with the slider. It is a good medium to present sales, discounts, or top-selling products.

  • Shipworks

Shipping can be one of the biggest point of concern for online merchants; new or old. Here’s an Extension that promises to sort some of these problems. It offers a range of functionalities like creating labels, sending customer emails, updating orders, etc. It is made use of by a large number of carriers already.

  • Zopim Live Chat

Your shoppers expect a prompt response from you for addressing concerns or answering questions. This Extension speeds up your response time with a live chat platform. You can converse with your users in real-time and improve customer loyalty.

  • Fontis Securepay

Online shoppers are worried about the security of their payment. They might not spend a lot with if you, if their transaction isn’t secure. Fontis Securepay helps you process payments in a secure manner.

  • Checkout Newsletter

Marketing is an imperative aspect of eCommerce stores. Not only do you want your customers to visit you, but you also want them to return to your store. Newsletters are a good way of keeping them engaged. Checkout Newsletter is an Extension that presents ‘Sign up for Newsletter’ option for customers.

  • Easy Donate by Webline

Modern-day organizations want to present a human face to the customers. They contribute to various causes, and also let customers do so at the time of checkout. Easy Donate is an extension that allows users to donate funds for charity before checkout.

  • Yotpo Product Reviews

How do you evaluate products before purchasing? This Extension is your customers’ way of reviewing your products and reading those reviews before making the purchase.

  • Deal Master by Webline

This Extension has been created for the website’s front-end and admin. It can create deal for any products as per requirement. It can append such features to the offer as ‘Limited Time Product Deal,’ etc.

  • Magic Zoom

Customers want to know each and every aspect of your particular product. Magic Zoom lets customers zoom into any product. This helps them get extra and pertinent information easily. The good point is that it works effectively on smartphones and tablets as well.

  • Advanced News Pro

This Extension provides latest updates and news to the users regarding the company. It is a good way of keeping them engaged.

In short, Magento is a great tool with a wide range of functionalities and options.

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