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All You Wanted to Know About eCommerce

Internet didn’t have a single inventor. Many inventors came and contributed massively to make internet what it is today. Since the invention of internet in 1957, its use has expanded immensely. Today, nearly one-third of the world’s total population makes regular use of Internet.

E-commerce or Electronic-commerce is a business where buying and selling takes place electronically through internet. E-commerce is generally based on B2C model. In e-commerce, customer can directly purchase from the online store or through affiliated agents. When it is selling of a product, online stores have a broad scope as they can sell through:

E-Commerce for small business

E-commerce is a platform where small businesses can explore their horizons. They have vast opportunities to attract millions of customers simply through their correct website design. Many businesses think of selling their products and services online but do not know which pathway to follow. Building a robust and responsive e-commerce website is the answer to this question.

Benefits to the customer and the business

How to set an online store?

To be precise starting an online store comprises of the following steps:

Mobile E-Commerce

In the near future, mobile e-commerce will render seamless experience to the customers as they can make transactions anytime and anywhere via their smart-phones.

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