Amazon is talked to bring out its next Kindle edition – Paperwhite in early next year. The boasting feature of this tab is its high resolution display of 300 ppi screen, which is expected to push the display into parallel grade with competing devices. Also, Paperwhite will bring some better features like front screen that is developed from matte finish glass and not plastic. The new device is also said to be light in weight than its preceding line-up.

The upcoming model from the retail giant is code-named Ice Wine and it is expected to bounce than Kobo’s device and be Amazon’s impressive e-reader in the market. In respect to software advancements, it is heard that there are no major ones, but of course it will be escalated to be compatible with the updated resolution.

Regular Amazon Kindle users will be charmed to learn that the company is also planning to bring in fresh typography for the e-reader along with a tailor-made font, designed for flawless reading experience. Amazon is also putting its efforts on giving access to books with hyphenation, removing the interrupting right hand margins, but it isn’t fixed if that would emerge in the new software or not. Edges of the device would be some sort of ‘buttons’ that would be squeezable, different from its earlier Amazon Kindle versions. The new Paperwhite is bit far from its launch but will appear with many new betterments.