Meet WeblineIndia at GITEX Technology Week, Dubai 2017

Now here comes October and guess what rules the ignited minds of Tech fraternity? Well, its time for the most…

Ruby on Rails – Dynamic Open-Source Framework for Web Development

Whether you are a web developer or a businessman trying to get a website developed, you must have somewhere, sometime…

RoR v/s Django: Similarities and Difference – Everything You Need to Know

Selection of the most advantageous framework is highly imperative for programmers. When two different technologies own similar features, purpose, capabilities…

The Giant ‘Microsoft’ Acquires Mobile Vendor Tool ‘Xamarin’

Microsoft wants its software to run everywhere, not just with Windows. That’s the major reason why it announced that it…

Meet the WooCommerce Plugin Improving Customer Experience While Online Shopping

Weblineindia is constantly launching new plugins for WordPress and making updates to help improve the web. On 4th March 2015,…

Brand of The Year in Enterprise Mobility

“Weblineindia announces 3rd milestone of the Quarter achieved successfully.” Weblineindia continues to be recognized as “BRAND OF THE YEAR in ENTERPRISE MOBILITY” – SI.

Here’s A Toast For Our 15 Years of Success!!

Everyone works hard for a particular purpose; however, everything eventually boils down to ‘Success’. We all want to be successful in our own way. Weblineindia completed 15 years in 2014, and these years have been instrumental in redefining success. Not only have we taken up challenging projects time and time again, we have also spent hours on building lasting relations with our clients.

Java API Legal Ruling Could Change Coding Forever- Still Many More Litigation To Come Before The Final Verdict!

The arising question regarding Oracle vs. Google Java copyright lawsuit ruling in Washington, D.C., held on May 9 is whether the ruling is a headstrong blow against the routine procedures to save time and workload in software development or not? It might be! If this ruling ultimately holds upright then it will lead in upsetting majority of the developers in the market who looked over their shoulders each time whenever they used an API, interfaces used by apps to communicate with other applications, for some open-source development project or who wished to opt for a short cut to re-enter, copy or paste any routine code.

Revolution 2014 – Microsoft Brings A Competitive Change In Its Services, Products, And Partnerships For A Mobile-First Cloud-First World

Microsoft was founded in 1975 under the chairmanship of Bill Gates. This multinational tech corporation is best known for the launch of Windows Operating System. In the last decade, Microsoft has played a flabbergasting role in shaping and incrementing the Internet user experience. It has an old hand in bringing unbeatable development in products, games and software and hence dominates the market of tech innovations. It proved its distinct innovative skills with the launch of Bing in 2009.

Samsung Galaxy S5’s Fingerprint Scanner Is Susceptible to Spoofing Hack – Here are more details!!

Samsung Galaxy S5 has been in the news for numerous innovative applications. They have come up with things that people never knew existed. One of the crucial aspects of the smart phone’s functionality is its fingerprint scanner. It is said to enhance the security of the phone and attach an element of ease to the process.

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