Apple’s WWDC 2024 showcased major advancements in AI with the introduction of Apple Intelligence. Significant updates were announced across operating systems, including iOS 18, visionOS 2, macOS Sequoia, iPadOS 18, and watchOS 11. The event marked Apple’s commitment to integrating AI into its products for enhanced user experiences and productivity. Let’s see what was there for you at the event.

Apple WWDC 2024
Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) is always a pivotal event for developers and clients alike. It showcases Apple’s latest software updates, tools, and technologies, providing developers with insights and resources to create innovative applications.

For clients, WWDC highlights the upcoming features and improvements in Apple’s ecosystem, informing their tech strategy and investment decisions. The event fosters a global community of developers, offering networking opportunities and direct access to Apple’s engineers. The Apple WWDC 2024 annual gathering not only drew innovation but also ensured that developers and clients stay ahead in the rapidly evolving tech landscape, especially AI.

Here is a glimpse of what happened in the mega event of WWDC 2024:

The Core of VisionOS with updates


Courtesy: Apple

Despite Apple users having no Apple Vision Pro in their kitty, Apple did announce visionOS 2 at WWDC which showcased a significant update for the Photos app that now has spatial capabilities. Apple called it ‘new ways to connect with your most important memories’.

The Overhaul of iOS 18

Everybody’s eyes were on the updates on iOS 18 and Apple did not miss it. There were some big shifts for iOS 18 at WWDC 2024 which includes the ability to customize the home screen using color filters or dark mode.

iOS 18

Getty Images/Viva Tung/CNET

Plus, the Photos app, Control Center, and many more changes. Photos will now offer a filter to remove screenshots and automatically build sections such as Trips for what it will consider the best photos. The dark mode is also introduced in iOS 18 for the home screen with a revamped Control Center to have control over music and/or other apps.

Your Body Stats on Apple Watch

Apple Watch

Source: Apple

Body vitals monitoring tools will now keep track of your heart rate, pulse rate, sleep pattern, temperature, and respiratory rate. There have been announcements on workout tracking which includes a tool that gauges how hard you have had your workout and lets users know when to control the intensity.

Not-to-forget Scheduling Texts

scheduling texts

Apple WWDC screenshot

No more forgetting syndrome for your loved ones! Apple noted in WWDC 2024 that their users will never forget a birthday text. The latest iOS 18 will include features with bold, strikethrough, italics, and other effects as well for the wishes.

Powerful Password Manager

Password manager

Source: Apple

Apple did boast about its super security measures in the latest WWDC 2024 meet. The idea is that the company wants to have an in-built system to take over services such as LastPass. The idea is to expand on the iCloud Keychain tool that most of the users already enjoy using it. It will move all essential credentials to the app and automatically save new passwords as users create them.

An AI Revamp for Safari

AI in Safari

The browser of Apple will get a boost for its capability and usability as announced in the latest WWDC 2024 event. Some features are introduced in Safari powered by Artificial Intelligence. AI-backed Safari will now summarize articles and webpages for you to have a glance on the go.

Topographic Maps to Apple Maps

Topographic maps to Apple Maps

Mashable Screenshot from WWDC 2024

Hikers will rejoice with this latest announcement in the Apple WWDC 2024 mega event. The demonstration during the keynote showed maps showing changes in elevation and a feature showing trail networks and hiking routes. This will be a big gift to nomads!

AirPods and A Node are your New Phones

Airpods with Phone

In the latest WWDC event, Apple announced a new feature for AirPods. You can now answer a call by nodding or ignoring it by shaking your head sideways! The demo at WWDC 2024 keynote showed that this will be an extremely helpful feature for users who are in crowded places which is not an ideal spot to communicate over the phone.

The tech giant also announced that AirPods Pro will have features such as voice Isolation which means the voice will be filtered and no surrounding noise will bother it.

Apple Intelligence – The Futuristic Approach

Apple Intelligence

Source: Apple

The main focus of the Apple WWDC 2024 mega event was Artificial Intelligence. Apple’s own AI is making its way to revolutionize Apple devices. The company promised a deeply integrated and security-priority approach for its generative AI. Apple Intelligence will roll out this summer and the company said it is committed to providing the best photo editing, email writing, and more.

iPad iOS 18 – Loaded with Features

iPad iOS 18

Source: MacRumours

All thanks to AI and Apple Pencil, the iPad iOS has many surprises in its bag to stun Apple lovers. The iPad will finally have an advanced Calculator App that is all set to be a perfect homework companion for kids. Apple also announced a feature known as ‘SmartScript’ that will take what you write using Apple Pencil and convert it to look like your writing only with more legibility and style. Users will be able to scribble things and erase, copy, or paste handwriting.

ChatGPT is now Super Buddy with Siri and iOS 18

iOS18 with ChatGPT

The latest couple in the tech world is Apple and OpenAI. Apple in its WWDC 2024 announced that ChatGPT will be integrated into Siri and its latest operating systems. This means users will have integrated ChatGPT on their iOS 18, iPad OS 18, and even MacOS Sequoia very soon.

Genmoji – The Generation Z of AI-Powered Emojis


Source: Apple

A fun update in the WWDC 2024 event by Apple includes Apple Intelligence assisting users to create custom emojis just by telling/texting what they feel like or want. It is called Genmoji features because you are generating it! Apple’s keynote brought smiles to audiences’ faces as it demonstrated ‘smiley relaxing wearing cucumbers’ and it exactly showed the emoji the way we wanted!

MacOS 15 Sequoia

MacOS 15 Sequoia

Source: 9To5 Mac

During WWDC 2024, Apple announced its latest MacOS –Sequoia with highlighted features such as mirroring wherein users can mirror their iPhone on their desktop. This will enable Apple iPhone users to have complete control of their iPhones via their desktops. Indeed, MacOS 15 Sequoia will include other updates such as tiling windows and FaceTime features.

Apple AI for Writing

AI Pencil iPad

WWDC 2024 mega event marked three essential AI writing tools in its keynote. The tools will include Rewrite wherein you can rewrite texts in different styles/tones; a proofreading tool that will kick off Grammarly, and an improved Smart Reply. All updates are to reduce mistakes and help Apple device users with effective writing.

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In conclusion, WWDC 2024 has set a new benchmark for innovation, empowering developers with state-of-the-art tools and insights to revolutionize app development. Clients can anticipate transformative updates across Apple’s ecosystem, unlocking new opportunities and enhanced user experiences.

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