Apple’s single day discount offer – once a year this time reveals gift coupons for iPads and the MacBook Pro. But, not all countries will be able to avail this offer. None of the Asian countries except Australia have excess to these offers. Actually the Apple’s discounts are not too attractive but they are obvious to drive too much of consumers.

With such sale offers, Apple’s other products from its entire line like accessories boost their sales. Here, the company can grab huge margins than its main products and can benefit with clients’ repetitive entry into their stores.

Apple’s one of the core products – iPhone is not involved in the entire discount range. Also the offer cannot be expected for the latest iPhone 5S to own the coupon but extended what seems like average demand for the device it won’t have been sudden for it to have got any.

In case of iPad, all includes gift coupons except the iPad mini with Retina. Approximately 10% of discount is available on iPad Air 16GB Wi-Fi model and lower on 3G and updated editions. iPad 2 is extended at approx. $50 off, which will result into 12.5% of discount. As Retina mini is released lately on November 12, there is no discount offered in any country on it.