Boost Your Sales with Mobile App Redesigning

In a recent survey conducted in-house, when asked to a designer, “What are your techniques to stay ahead of the curve?” her mysterious answer served us a new opportunity to boost sales.

She replied – “As a designer, I always try to make something extraordinary and captivating but the frustration gradually increases with the consistent and vapid designs”.

So, my technique to favor solutions with better end value is – Create designs that speak “It’s MORE Beautiful”.

Ultimately, It takes CHANGE to MAKE CHANGE

So, are you knocking your grey cells about how this statement helped us to find a new solution?

Before answering that, let’s look at how mobile apps work:

App designed years ago:

  • Gets outdated and fails to convince the users
  • The downloads experience a steady downfall
  • The traffic graph gradually comes down

This demonstrates clearly that something is not right. However the app owners are completely unaware about it. Consequently when the app traffic starts dwindling, they keep trying to search for errors in the maze by gathering data from analytics, verifying about the products and their details, analyzing the micro interaction and checking if something is wrong with the development work.

Now when we ponder upon the answer given by the designer, we can relate it to the problem of redundancy of the apps. Change with the context of mobile app design. Yes! Redesigning the apps will invigorate the lost appeal and bring to you amazing opportunities like increased downloads, enriched user experience and obviously boosted sales. In simpler words, redesigning the app will emend the hole in your pocket.

Doesn’t seem plausible? Well then, let’s look at the evidence for our techniques!

The renowned enterprises like Uber, Instagram, Youtube, Medium, Tumblr, Medium and many more have changed their interface or logo and caroused the amazing outcomes.

Instagram –


Uber –


YouTube –


Initially, after the change, each of these brands experienced pessimistic reviews, however few months later the audience appreciated the change with positive reviews and rating.



We are grateful to our designers who perpetually innovate and create the creativity with new designs that accomplish the business goals along with user satisfaction.

So now let’s consider why mobile app redesigning is crucial.

  • Engrave on Latest Technology Advancements

We love the advancements and comfort it brings, don’t we? So why stay outdated with our mobile phone apps? As the technology advancements will rise, so do our expectations with mobile apps. Your users will love to see the innovation in design layout of your app, especially the designs that stand out and endure for long time.

We definitely cannot forget the first iPhone release. Skeuomorphism did stand out into UI designs and was known for the great technology transition with 3D illusions. Today Skeuomorphism is no longer into demand with the advancement of flat designs.

The redesigning of apps can help you to include the latest technology advancements and throw away the old fashioned design.

  • Serve the Users’ Demand

So tell us why you are into market? Or better why you started with an app? May be you are following the trend? Or you thought about your users comfort? No matter what we launch a business app for users. To ensure the apps contribution to business success is not dwindling you need to acknowledge what users want.

With the help of mobile app development company or a developer, you can ensure to include essential features for users along with UI changes. Thus now you can easily captivate the users attention and ultimately take this opportunity to a new level with brilliant offers.

  • Time to take the Apps Performance to Next Level

Today is the time when everyone loves to get the things done within blink of an eye. You don’t take a moment to abandon an app, which takes more time to load. Almost every time, an engineering effort goes in vain due to high quality designs, graphics, and enhanced layout size content this ultimately increases the loading speed of app and leaves a bad impression.

The app redesigning process makes sure to take care of image size in consideration with the application to avoid the lag or delay in content display and loading time. The better the performance, better the rating.

  • Levitate the Number of Downloads

The best technique to increase the current traffic and upsurge the number of downloads is to provide the users the NEW element. It can be in terms of products and the UI. Yes! With new UI the old product will enhance its looks and ultimately the user may purchase due to visually appealing design.

Mobile app redesigning is a great deal for your business. Just make subtle changes in UI and UX and outgrow, outperform, and out pass in few months or days.

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