Are you worried about the dull appearance of your business website? Do you find it difficult to cope up with an old site? A well designed website provides the business a corporate identity. If your website looks old and doesn’t perform well, it’s time to redesign your website. Keep in mind that the web industry is ever changing and so, in order to be avoiding being lost in crowd, you should think of redesigning your website. Even the search engines would fall in love with your website if it is fresh and new.

Make List of Requirements to Build New Design before Initiating Redesign Old Website.

Here is a Checklist:

  • Audit Current Website

Some companies never pay attention to their business websites. First of all, you should figure out whether it needs a complete revamp or not. Study the analytics of the website to understand where it stands. Have in-depth review of the website content to know what’s stopping you from getting access. Spend a few hours daily over your own site and find out the flaws in it.

  • Determine Goals

The major reason of the redesigning can be different for every website owner. After making the decision of redesigning, you should identify your business goals and objectives. May be, you want to improve the targeted traffic to your site, or you would want to improve the online sales. Plan well and identify your business goals before you move for redesigning.

  • Don’t Forget SEO

Most of the business owners neglect SEO when they redesign their site. The fact is that Google Algorithm’s keep changing every now and then. You would need an optimized website that ranks higher in search engines. Ensure that the website has quality and user-friendly content.

  • Test Website

Nowadays, the browsing experiences of the consumers have changed significantly. You would need a site that is compatible with all the major Browsers, Smart-phones and Tablets. It is essential to have a mobile-friendly version of your website. You can talk to website developers and talk to them about responsive web design to reach the maximum number of users. Once the website is redesigned, you should test it completely on various devices to make sure that there are no flaws.

At WeblineIndia, we understand clients’ requirements and redesign the websites in such a way that redesigning builds up the company image and promotes success in today’s competitive world.

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