If you are connected with technology in any way, you would have certainly heard about cloud computing. In fact, such has been the popularity of the term that even the laymen are now getting to know about cloud computing, and use it in their daily lives. Whether you know it or not, there are high chances that you might have had an access to cloud computing during some time or the other. This might have been while you are at work or while simply using the internet for your day to day life.

Defining Cloud Computing

Before we go on to speak further about the virtues of cloud computing and why it is an absolute essential for your modern living, let’s first discuss its definition. Speaking in layman terms, cloud computing is nothing but a system that allows you to access your files and documents from anywhere in the world, and on any device. This means that you might click a photograph in your tablet and the same can be accessed via your computer in the office and also by your son, from his laptop, who is studying thousands of miles away. In other words, cloud computing is that form of computing where everything, right from the information to the resources to even your apps, are all managed in a virtual environment.

Cloud Computing Exemplified

Let us take an example to better understand the concept. Take for example, the all new trend of using Google Docs. What happens when you create a Google Document? Firstly, you do not need to be on a particular machine to work on it. As long you have a device and remember your login details, you are good to start working with Google Docs. Now, you are creating a report for your office, using Google Docs. In that case, you log into your Google Drive, and start working. It is late in the evening, and you have not completed your report yet. In that case, you simply switch off the system and go home. As soon as you log into your Google Drive again, the file shall be there for you to work on it. What more? You can share the file with your team mates who can edit the same and give their inputs. This way, you can mutually work on the document without any constraint of space, time or machine. Cloud computing pretty much does the same. Along with Google Docs, there are numerous other large and small applications which are using the power of the cloud to collaborate virtually.

Advantages of Cloud Computing

So, why is cloud computing being hailed as the next big thing in technology? Let us first tell you that according to us cloud computing isn’t the next big thing; it, in fact, is already a big deal in the domain of technology. It has transformed the way people used to work.

Let us look at some of the advantages that companies and individuals can avail by making use of cloud computing:

Collaboration: The first, and the foremost, benefit of cloud computing is the simplicity it adds to collaboration. Take the case of a salesman who meets an important client. He receives a request from the client, and needs to confirm with the production team of whether that is possible. All he needs to do is collaborate with them via any cloud computing technology, and the deal could be struck within a matter of minutes.

Efficiency: There is no doubt in the fact that such efficient working environment can boost productivity of the people using the system. Better efficiency can lead to superior work and that in turn can lead to higher profits.

Speed: As mentioned above, cloud computing can ensure that things can be done without any delay. Gone are those days when people had to wait to reach their office in order to make any changes important files or reports. Everything can be done on the cloud now.

Freedom: With regards to the individuals involved in the system, cloud computing does ensure that they have complete freedom in the way they wish to work. They can strike a better balance between work and their personal life. Moreover, consultants and freelancers can collaborate with their clients from wherever they are. So, nothing can stop them from taking that elusive vacation that they have starved for all this while.

Lower Costs: This is another benefit that the companies can avail by making use of cloud computing. Their investment in IT infrastructure can be alleviated to a great extent. This is possible because people, especially the ones who spend most of their time in the field, do not require specific desks and computers. They can stay in touch using their smart phones or tablets.

Summing It Up

Hence, cloud computing has changed the face of business, and shall continue to do the same in the future too.

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