Email marketing is considered to be one of the most effective and reasonable methods of advertising. It can help you reach the target audience and convey the message effectively.

Whether you want to inform your existing clients about a discount offer or send a message to the potential customers, email marketing can be the right option. Some companies make the mistake while planning their email marketing strategy.

Let’s Consider Some of the Common Mistakes:

  • Not Thinking of a Long-term Strategy


When you plan your email marketing campaign, make sure of what exactly you may want. Remember that a single email marketing campaign can give you limited results. Hence, think of a long term strategy and plan an effective campaign keeping in mind the long term goals. Ensure that each email delivers unique information to the audience.

  • Creating Campaigns as Spam


Email accounts, these days, have the ability to analyze the emails. They can mark the email as spam or genuine. You should avoid eye-catchy lines in the subject line, avoid using capital letters, and do not send emails which do not have a subject line. Do some research online before shooting the emails to the clients.

  • Not Sending a Test Email


Before you start sending the email, you need to test the email by sending it to your email IDs and other employees also. This will help you check for any flaws and mistakes. This gives you a chance to correct them before sending the emails to the clients and customers.

Once the emails are sent to target audience, one should track and analyze the performance of the campaign. Make the required changes if needed. You can also add CAN-SPAM Act compliance to your email so that the email is not delivered to the junk box.