The early 1990 was a period where internet started playing some role in customers’ life to enhance their shopping experience. Today, e-commerce has become a crucial factor of every business. Business without e-commerce is incomplete. For any upcoming business in today’s cutting edge competition, e-commerce is a strong tool that promotes efficient marketing, selling, services and distribution of goods via internet. E-commerce has brought a revolution in shopping experience.

Through internet, one can make purchases any time in 24 hours. For small businesses, e-commerce is a necessity. With advancement in smartphones, internet is something that is accessible to the public just on a click. Mobile e-commerce is also setting a better trend than desktop e-commerce. Small business have a broad scope with e-commerce as a backup.

Here are few benefits of e-commerce that small businesses should be aware of before going online:


Bonus sales


E-commerce is setting up an online store. Millions of people have direct contact with your website. If you have just the right website design that engrains a visitor’s attention then you are all set. Fetching attention of the customer will only force them to buy a product from your website. Few reliable statistics show that online sales have expanded tremendously in past two years. Enhanced sales results in enhanced revenues for a business. Estimated revenue increase is expected to be up to 250%. This shows that customers prefer ease while making a purchase decision. This statistics fit right for all those stores who accept credit card payments in integration with PayPal.

Large customer base

Social networking websites like Facebook, YouTube or twitter have also become popular platforms of marketing. One in every four person have accounts on such a prominent social network today. Hence, your online store will be visible to millions. With advanced e-commerce, navigation over the website has become quite easy and payment terms have become secured. Hence, an easy to access trustworthy online store will bring convenience to the interested customer. Secure payment modes will automatically impulse buyers. Different modes of payment incorporated in your online store attracts customers from diversified background.

Working 24/7

247Where local stores get closed after few hours of working, this advantage is removed with online business. The online store has the advantage of accepting orders 24/7. An e-commerce website may allow you to purchase and sell round the clock without any increment in overheads. Al the system in an e-commerce website are fed with preciseness that supervises inventory as well as amount payables. This is the best advantage where you can run a store 24/7 without any supervision. For small businesses dealing in digital goods, business gets completely automatic where all purchase, sell and payment transactions are carried online automatically.

See how you can start an online business for selling product 24/7 on the internet.

Instant processing

E-commerce promotes quick transaction with minimal wastage of resources. It eradicates the hassles of payment modes where a merchant has to wait for 30 or more long days for accessing payments. E-commerce transactions comprise of few seconds. Also merchant receive his funds immediately or within a day or two in their bank accounts.

Broaden your horizons

For small business that want to quickly make a distinct mark at international level, e-commerce is the shortest and rapid way through. E-commerce broaden horizons of any business. For a store operating offline purely, it may be challenging to reach millions of customers at the same time. But e-commerce can carry this out with ease. Internet can take you beyond your imagination as there is no limit. Your store can receive payments from any corner of the globe.

Smooth collection of recurring payments


Services that require recurring billing can be efficiently handled with e-commerce. Your website can have a system where customer chooses their card to be re-filled at regular frequencies during any purchase. This will eradicate hassles for you as well you customer. As long as a customer takes advantage of your service, their debit or credit cards will recharge at regular intervals thereby increasing predictability of revenues.

E-commerce is highly beneficial for small businesses where progress can be made rapidly in a short span.