Hello folks, to continue on my previous post, we learned about the term ‘employee burnout’ and even discussed about its symptoms and different situations that causes a burnout.

So, now here in this post we will see the effects of the burnout as well as discuss the measures which can help to tackle it.


Employee burnout is not limited to the employees but it rather affects the whole team, degrades its performance and thus overall affects the organization as a whole.

The effects of burnout are:

  • Reduced productivity
  • Job withdrawal
  • Internal issues with colleagues
  • Reduced job satisfaction
  • No interest towards work
  • Increased errors in work
  • More often absenteeism


  • Be Realistic When Assigning TasksIt should be kept in mind that your employees have a said capacity to work on things. So when you are distributing tasks delegate an amount of work that you know your employee can complete in time.
  • Schedule BreaksIt is very important for employees to take break from their work and feel relaxed. So organizations should encourage employees to take enough break, stretch, walk and socialize with others.
  • Keep Reasonable Work HoursTired and frustrated employees are not going to do any good to the organization. So companies should keep flexible working hours which are comfortable to them. Moreover, there should be enough allowance to take leaves.
  • Be FlexibleIt becomes important for the organization to assign task and decide a deadline which is realistic and attainable. In case the person is not right for the task, then it should be allotted to someone else. Moreover, offering flexible timings or remote working options especially to the female employees can prove beneficial.
  • Don’t Spread Your Team Too ThinMake sure that the tasks are assigned to the teams in such a manner that they does not feel overwhelming. The number of parallel tasks should be reduced.
  • Provide Adequate ResourcesPlanning out new employee-friendly strategies are good but, to execute that, organizations should allot enough funds.
  • Equip Your Team With Proper ToolsIn order to work efficiently employees should be provided with right set of tools. If they fail to have any they may get frustrated.
  • Create a Supportive CultureIt is very important for the employees to come together and work. Only then they will be able to deliver the best. So it becomes important for the organizations to come together and work.
  • A Team That Plays Together Stays TogetherFor a better performing team it is important to bring them together. So carry out activities in the office premises like games, fest, etc. Planning a trip or outdoor activities can bring the team closer too.
  • Give them a voiceIf your employees feel that they have no voice in decision-making process then chances are more that they may feel side-lined. Such employees can become frustrated and that can lead to burnout. So make sure to offer them opportunities to express themselves and work for the company.
  • Be fairIt is very important to be fair towards your employees. You should not give them any work which is inappropriate or challenge their values.
  • Recognize successAn employee will only work to the maximum extent if he feels needed at the organization. So make sure you say a few good words, give a pat on the back or congratulate him in front of his peers for a good work. This will boost their confidence.


So in a nutshell, burnout employees cannot perform well and can even spoil the environment within the office premises. So it becomes important for organization to monitor their employees and look for signs of burnout. And taking necessary steps to beat employee burnout will help the organization to grow along with happy employees.