As per a research report recently, the teen crowd has lost its previous ‘cool’ charm. The other social giant Twitter has left behind Facebook amongst youth while Instagram is slowly crawling up on these two. Obviously, Facebook is the owner of Instagram, but Zuckerberg is still back off when the matter is of youth accounts. They think Facebook is now a matter of past as a 14 year old cites “If you make a Twitter and an Instagram, then you’ll just kind of forget about Facebook.”

Also the CEO of Facebook agreed before sometime that Facebook was no longer a “cool” thing, but managed that it remains famous, says Business Insider. The social giant won’t unwrap realistic figures, but unknown people state that teens use Facebook more than they reveal. While in talks with Atlantic, Zuckerberg laughed off the risks that Facebook would drop its “cool” factor:

People assume that we’re trying to be cool. It’s never been my goal. I’m the least cool person there is! We’re almost 10 years old so we’re definitely not a niche thing any more so that kind of angle for coolness is done for us.

But it is known to all that if there’s single probability intensely known with what is and isn’t “cool,” it’s teens. The fact is that Facebook loses being cool in the graph of recent report.