fitwebliners - A Thoughtful Step Towards Creating Active Workplace Culture

We are all aware of the #humfittohindiafit challenge that took the internet by waves a couple of months back. The main reason for its increased popularity was the active participation of celebrities from different walks of life in the challenge campaign.

The initiative was taken up by Indian sports minister Col Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore who uploaded a video on social media doing push ups in his office. In the video he said how inspired he was with the active lifestyle of Prime Minister, Shri. Narendra Modi and challenged the whole nation asking for their participation.

Soon the challenge was reciprocated by Virat Kohli and Hrithik Roshan. In the video Virat Kohli challenged three people – his wife Anushka, MS Dhoni and none other than the PM Shri. Narendra Modi. Today a large number of celebrities, cricketers, politicians and people from different walks of life have participated in the challenge with great enthusiasm and are spreading the word of health and fitness around.

Here at WeblineIndia, a leading offshore software development company in USA and India has accepted this challenge. We understand that our people are spending more hours sitting on the desk throughout the day, with fewer physical activities. We know that this can be enough for an unhealthy lifestyle.

In the beginning, we were not sure about the changes we can bring at the ground level. Project deadlines, busy schedules and busy teams made the situation even worse. But then, something had to be done!

The need to create healthy work culture became the priority as only healthy and fit teams can work towards the projects with complete dedication and motivation. A number of brainstorming ideas were put on the table based on the #humfittohindiafit challenge initiative. Soon, the solution was found…

So with the agenda to create fit and healthy employees, WeblineIndia came up with #fitwebliners initiative. The initiative was started up by some warm up exercise sessions at the workplace. We introduced a number of activities like yoga, meditation, laughing, and physiotherapy sessions twice a day for 15 minutes.

With the onset of the initiative we saw that employees were feeling refreshed throughout the day and the same positive attitude was reflected in their work.

We were not done yet!!!

Based on the #humfittohindiafit challenge our CEO, Mr. Atul Mehta came up with a video describing the importance of healthy and fit employees as a part of better work culture.

The challenge posted by the CEO, Mr. Atul Mehta had been well accepted by all Webliners.

With more number of employees coming forward into making their fitness videos and actively taking part in fitness sessions at the workplace, this initiative has become a total success for us. Apart from just making this initiative a success, we have proved how well we react when it comes to having a healthy and better life.

Apart from just focusing on the health of the employees as a part of better work culture, this initiative has also helped our people to have a better personal life. They are fit, healthy and energetic like never before.

Looking forward to more such initiatives in the future – For a healthy and happy workplace environment.