Google, the web search giant boasts of having the biggest users’ data and it may in near future therefore bring our new offshore data centers – cooled and mechanized with the help of ocean, and likely out of the government’s access.

A report recently got a fantastic proofs relating the giant’s secretive “Building 3” on Treasure Island in San Francisco Bay. The construction looks like the base for the hidden built-up on a close barge that few say is stable with a sailing data centers.

Also, an alike four storey building was carried on a raft into harbour in Portland, some days back. This is rumoured as something related with the giant’s offshore data centers.

Google earlier in 2008 had put up the request of patent, which got granted in 2009 for a data center floating on a ship that is likely run by ocean power. For cooling the servers, the job is done by sea waters. Dealing with stability of temperature is the major concern and cost-consuming task in a data centers. In recent times, the power consumed by data centers has been escalating by 2% in the U.S.

With this move Google is sure to bring down huge costs of data storage. Also it is said that by putting these centers on international waters the government’s hindrances would be far away from the company.