Google Fiber, which gives super-fast internet speed up to 100 times faster than all other regular providers, is planned to come out in 34 other cities other than the present ones.

The search giant has revealed a determined strategy to broaden its super-fast Internet service to millions of people in 34 more cities in the U.S. Google therefore dares to other similar regular internet service providers wherein it could become money-making business. The company also unzipped information of its plans of expanding the services with the required government processes in few most popular cities like Atlanta, Portland, San Jose, Phoeniz and more in shortest time frame.

Overall, Google plans to reach its decided Fiber plans in nine big areas and cited it would fix the final plans on which new areas will avail the best fiber optic network by the last phase of this year. The declared information arrives as a controversy over super-fast Internet access – popular as network neutrality – blows-up in Washington.

FCC Chairperson Tom Wheeler declared that his company would design new regulations to audit Internet traffic and put some websites from being low on speed or stopped. During previous month, a federal requests court that pounded the FCC rules needing cable and other companies to apply all super-fast Internet traffic fairly.

Bernstein Research analyst Carlos Kirjner informed that the declaration was mostly a correlation and not an endeavour to spread governors. Beliefs has increased in recent time on Google’s plans to broden Fiber services. This information stating a big move shows a planned escalation for the service, which started as a trial in 2010. Currently cities including Kansas City, Kan, Mo, Provo, Utah are enjoying the Google Fiber services. Texas is soon to get the super-fast internet connectivity from the world’s web leader.

Immediately this won’t hurt the cable leaders but definitely the competitive threat arises with Fiber broadening its scope.

“It could turn out to be a significant, profitable business for Google and head wind for incumbents,” Kirjner said in a research note Wednesday.

Also by being the web’s biggest and most popular network holder with some of the best services’ ownership like YouTube and Gmail, Google is certain to succeed in making super-fast internet connectivity accessible, cost-effective and speedy.