Everyone works hard for a particular purpose; however, everything eventually boils down to ‘Success’. We all want to be successful in our own way. Weblineindia just completed 15 years in October 2014, and these years have been instrumental in redefining success. Not only have we taken up challenging projects time and time again, we have also spent hours on building lasting relations with our clients.

We decided to celebrate this 15th anniversary of ours whole heartedly on 11th October. Fire & Flames, a popular discotheque at Alpha One Mall, was booked for the occasion and all our employees & associates congregated there. The event reflected the same spirit that we have maintained for 15 years. Our team work and cohesive approach towards success has always held us in good stead, and it did even with the event. Everyone around was willing to contribute and help in organizing the event.

While we all danced our hearts out, we also spared some time to recognize the contribution of those individuals who have spent a while with us. Everyone who had completed more than 3 years with Weblineindia were rewarded for their loyalty.

This is certainly not the end of the story. We have entered that phase of our existence where we know what we are doing, and we are willing to take up any challenge that comes our way. We are committed to delivering excellent quality and unparalleled customer service in the years to come.