Ever since the popularity of mobile apps came into existence, Android has been the platform to lead the chart. The fame of the Android operating system has never seen a downturn and it has sustained all the tough competitions.
Hire Android Developers Guide

According to the research giant Statista, Android has retained the number one position as a mobile OS worldwide in the fourth quarter of 2023 with a market share of 70.1% worldwide.

Android Market Share

Undoubtedly, all businesses who want to tap the maximum number of customers, clients, or end users are aiming to build the best Android application to reach every potential person on internet-enabled mobile devices. It is for this reason enterprises have been constantly seeking to hire Android app developers to build quality apps for their enterprises. When it comes to Android app programmers for hire, outsourcing the project to an offshore company remains the most beneficial deal.

The need for hiring remote Android app developers

Outsourcing Android app development to offshore companies in India and such countries has been practices for years. Enterprises from the first world countries see ample benefits to outsource software development projects. Here are a few to mention:

Why Hire Remote Android Developers

Cost Savings

Due to currency differences and low labor costs, most companies in the US outsource Android app development projects to offshore hubs like India. Not only do they get big discounts to save money but also get benefits from no compromise on top-notch quality.


While in-house resources may get adamant about customizing Android apps, when projects are outsourced to remote Android app developers through offshore companies in India, clients can have multiple changes to deploy the latest features and tailor the product to their business needs and project scopes.

Time-saving, quick TTM

When you hire Android app developers from a top IT agency offshore, you are likely to save a lot of time because these companies possess veterans and experienced Android coders on their floor who are quick to understand your project. They have access to the right tech stack and are swift enough to build your product. As a result, you have a quicker time to market.


The support and maintenance required for your Android apps are easily available with an offshore company. When you hire Android app developers, you can also ask for a maintenance contract which includes bug fixing and regular updates of your product.

Finding a perfect fit – a guide to hiring offshore Android app developers

Businesses of all sizes and kinds need an Android app to showcase their services and products to reach every potential customer in the world. With more than 3.3 billion people using Android OS, it is essential for any enterprise to have a customized app built on this glorious platform.

Here is the guide that helps you make outsourced Android app developers successful.

Hiring Offshore Android App Developers Phases

Phase 1: Craft a clear project scope: the foundation of your Android app success

Before you get on to the hiring process of Android developers, it is essential to have a clear project scope because it serves as a roadmap to the Android app development lifecycle. Here is what you must include –

  • App functionalities: the detail of the app’s functions. You may outline the user journey and key features.
  • Target customers: you need to define who you target and for what. Consider demography, needs, and gray areas.
  • Technical stack: you must specify the Android tech stack you need to build a customized Android app. Programming language, frameworks, and other tools, for example.
  • Project timeline/milestones: establish a realistic milestone calendar that clearly defines the milestones and deliverables during the Android app development process.
  • Budget: you need to determine your budget before you hire Android app developers offshore. This includes potential licensing costs, hiring fees, and other project management tools, if any.

Phase 2: Key considerations before you hire offshore Android developers

You first shortlist the best Android app development companies offshore and then choose the one that passes all the litmus tests. Now before you finalize the deal, it is essential to consider some important factors about these developers:

Technical proficiency

You must evaluate the technical capabilities of Android developers for hire. They should be proficient in Android app development technologies such as Android SDK, Java, Kotlin, and relevant frameworks such as React Native or Flutter. You may also review their portfolio to understand how they work on a specific requirement.

Experience and expertise

Prefer hiring Android coders with experience and expertise in projects like yours. For instance, if you are building an on-demand food delivery app on Android, you may ask for Android developers for hire who have worked on similar products in the past.

Communication and collaboration

You must ensure that the remote Android developers you hire have strong communication skills and are proficient in the language you understand/speak (English). You should also evaluate their acquaintance with collaborative tools like project management software. Version control system, and a communication platform to ensure regular updates.

Security and confidentiality

Data security measures are paramount, and you must discuss them and protocols to safeguard sensitive information in your product. Make sure that Android app developers for hire work under strict NDA clauses.

Phase 3: Build a strong working relationship

Getting the best Android app developers on your project is half done. You need to handle the team of Android coders professionally yet friendly. You need to prioritize fostering a strong working relationship that is a perfect balance between professionalism and friendliness.

Establish clear communication

As you might have defined during the recruitment process, when you have hired Android app developers and made a team, you need to communicate with them regularly. Usage of video calls, project management tools (such as Trello), and messaging platforms such as Slack can be used to have clear communication and regular updates on your Android development.

Version control system

Discuss with Android developers for hire about the need to implement a version control system such as Git. This helps you manage code changes and so the clear project history. Such a controlling system enables you to have easy rollback and collaborate on several aspects of the codebase while streamlining the entire Android app development workflow.

Ongoing feedback and improvement

Your project needs regular feedback from your side and stakeholders of the project. Do not procrastinate your suggestions and opinions because then it will be too late to implement. You may also take input from Android developers and consultants. This approach is quite beneficial when you adopt the MVP model.

Reward and award

Any effort should not go unrecognized. You should encourage your remote Android developers’ team. While they perform their tasks with dedication, you can further boost their morale by rewarding them publicly. While this system may cost you a very little budget but at the end it is worth it.

Ready to hire Android developers offshore?

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