iOS 8 has been finally released, and there is a buzz around. iPhone users and fans alike are excited about the changes that might be incorporated into the new OS. Not long ago, people were speaking about the novelty of iOS 7, and now that an upgraded version is available they want to know how exactly this version is different from the previous one.

If you have been anxious to know what iOS 8 has to offer, we will tell you all. Here are some of the things that have changed from iOS 7 to iOS 8:


The first difference that you would evidently notice is the look and feel that iOS 8 brings. We were especially impressed by the extra details that have been added in some places. However, what impressed us all the more was how the interface has been simplified. In fact, some of the redundant tabs have been completely eliminated from the design. To give you an example, let us speak about the multitasking window. It places the shortcuts to your most frequently contacted people. This makes it easier to access them as they are just above the currently running applications. What is also worth a sigh of relief is that notifications now appear as a pop-up that is placed at the top of the screen. This means that they wouldn’t be floating in the middle of the screen but be conveniently placed on the top for you perusal.

Apple Pay

Here comes another great feature that most users will certainly love. If you have been using the iOS 7, you would be conversant with the Passbook. With iOS 8, the passbook can be used with Apple Pay. This will currently be available with certain devices only. This can do a lot for you. If you are someone who prefers to make purchases through your mobile phone, this app can make your life simpler. It will store your credit card information securely in a digital wallet. In short, you can make contact less payments that are safe and secure. What is also worth noting is that it authenticates through TouchID and your fingerprint. While this is currently only available in the United States of America (U.S.A.), it might soon be available around the globe.


If you were to ask me, one of the most convincing features of iOS 8 is the continuity feature. The upgraded iOS (i.e. iOS 8) is completely integrated with OS X 10.10 Yosemite. This means that you can easily Airdrop files from your mobile to your desktop. Your text messages can be read on your laptop / desktop and you can even respond to them from that destination. On the other hand, if the device is properly paired your laptop / desktop can even receive and make phone calls. This is certainly the next level of integration and ease of use.


The Hand-Off mode is another feature that might fascinate you. Think about working on your mobile phone and as soon as you come close to your desktop you receive a prompt asking you whether you would like to finish typing the document on your desktop.

Healthkit & Homekit

This is completely new to iOS users, and it shall certainly be one great addition. If you are a fitness freak and want help in keeping track of your health, here is a way you can do that. The health kit is your hub for all fitness & health related apps. You can easily keep a track of your heart rate, the calories you burnt while working, your sleep’s patterns, blood sugar levels, and cholesterol. In fact, you can even create an emergency card which shall contain your medical information that can be used during emergency.

Smart Keyboard

iOS Keyboard was something that needed to be updated and it has been done with iOS 8. There are various additions made to the existing keyboard style that might be interesting.

Smart Keyboard

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One of the additions is the QuickType predictions. As the name suggestions, it makes suggestions to you on the basis of whether you are writing to a friend or to your colleague at work. Additionally, iOS 8 now also allows you to install third party keyboards.

Interactive Notifications

If you receive a notification while you are working on something, you don’t need to go to the concerned app to attend to it. Now, you can directly interact with the notification. Hence for example, if you receive a text while working on a document, you can reply to text there and then.

Hands-free Mode

Apple’s smart phone assistant, SIRI, will now always be on. Whenever you need to put the hands-free mode on, you need to simply say ‘Hey SIRI’. You can then follow that up with your command or question. SIRI can do quite a lot for you like buying things from iTunes store, giving information about the songs you are listening to, or receiving information in 22 different languages.

Wi-Fi Calling

As soon as you are in the range of the internet, your phone would transition to wi-fi calling. You can make phone calls through wi-fi instead of requiring your phone network. This can be helpful for areas that have poor mobile network reception.


There is much more that the upgrade has to offer. Messages can be flagged or marked as read/unread with just a swipe, photos are automatically saved into the iCloud, Safari web browser has been overhauled, and much more. To answer the question we started with, iOS 8 is certainly worth making the switch.