Let’s See What MEAN Stack is!

MEAN Stack – Insanely Powered Technology

In simple words MEAN Stack is a compilation of JavaScript technologies – MongoDB, Express.js, AngularJS, and Node JS. These technologies serve to developer for all kinds of application development ranging from server-based platforms to robust databases. MEAN is a full-fledged JavaScript framework that has undergone major technological uplift and thus is gaining speedy global recognition. Also, every single sub-component is JavaScript-friendly, use of MEAN Stack proves to be a boon for all type of contexts including server-based and client-based applications. Every technology in this stack is a perfect counterpart for each other and so it is the most reliable development environment currently.

What can be done with MEAN Stack?

MEAN Stack DEVELOPER has beneficiary access to speedy and agile solutions by not repeating stagnant processes to manage back-end of applications. This is because of innumerable benefits of work done on just one language and not many. It is possible for developer to build and frame everything that was earlier possible via LAMP Stack. But, now the relief is that all apps and software are developed by handling all layers with MEAN Stack using one mode of language.

Let’s understand it in a better way.

  • MongoDB – The Database: Extremely powerful environment for all the data storage purposes. Professionals use it as document-obsessed secured database storage for applications.

  • ExpressJS – The Web framework: Consistent interface and speedy routing lowers the web framing operations and so the results are speedy and consistent.

  • AngularJS – The Front-end space: Being highly robust and rapid language, developers have an edge to build flexible, highly responsive and modern applications/solutions. It top-ups the action to the HTML and results into better responsiveness in the overall website.

  • Node JS – The Server Platform: It is a proven super power platform well-known for its abilities to lower the time taken for custom application development with zero breakages and powerful functionality.

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Modern Programming Shift: LAMP to MEAN

Freezing the right technology and environment becomes crucial these days. Nobody wishes to repeat tedious tasks concluding to delayed results. So, now is the time for MEAN Stack that is more powerful and futuristic platform for both developers as well as enterprises. From customized web applications, responsive websites to frameworks are preferred on MEAN rather than the previous LAMP Stack. Pros are many and after understanding them you will definitely nod for your upcoming project.

Why go with MEAN Stack Development?

  • Want Intense Returns On The Pennies-Per-CPU?

    Successfully, it’s possible with MongoDB’s database layer. It is easy to deal with groups of servers, strengthen support, eliminate downfall and repeat automation. With simplified processes, powerful test and speedy hosting on the cloud, MongoDB is a preferred choice for your upcoming web application project.Accelerate GO TO MARKET Software Development

  • More Budget-Friendly

    This significant shift has helped experts to lower the costs incurred by minimalist functions. There is less time consumption as compared to that of earlier usage of LAMP where programmers would take more time to write the MySQL or PHP. Also there can be huge space saving which can be allocated for other data.

  • MongoDB Benefit

    Use of MySQL forces creators to hold data in tables and every single process is dependent on a relevant structure and when something goes wrong, the result is a total mess. At the same time, the scenario totally changes when using MongoDBwhere one can rely on processes that are flexible and data is stored locally in document format that are JSON objects.So, the new technology is a big advantage for data-based projects.

  • Speedy Development and Prompt Results With Node JS

    It is rather a very daunting task to manage the different layers through LAMP and while rearranging with some other syntax it would be another rigid job. By using Node JS development, you will require nothing more than app routing to JavaScript and your job is smooth. All in single layer eliminates breakdown and interruptions caused by unimportant operations.

  • Bigger Space

    This is again a very BIG PLUS when we consider web development. Earlier usages of different spaces were done in separate tables which occupied more space. But, now JOIN diminishes this pain and saves disk space a lot. Clean and rich database is beneficial

  • All JSON Advantage

    MEAN stack is all based on JSON.  In simple words, there is no battling between various layers or recapping the data job by developer. The job becomes swift and super-fast due to neat data writing and handling. Irrespective of client or backend layer, when in MEAN stack the whole job: obtain, customize, present, deliver and store/save becomes fast and easy.

  • Coding Made More Flexible in MEAN

    Swift programming on the server is not the only great advantage in this modern tech. The mismatch of that in LAMP stack’s server gets over as using MEAN stack can help you leverage that similar JavaScript on the client side server too. If in case the developer desires to move his written Node code to AngularJS, then it would be a child’s job for him and the best thing is that there would be no difference in performance by doing so. Such aid that MEAN offers make development of web applications and websites on this stack significantly easy.

  • Wider Possibilities of Development

    Node JS is speeding up to be on top-notch as it is easier to share codes and at other hand also accessible as a huge archive for codes.  Coming time is surely inclined towards this platform and environments built based on it.

  • AngularJS is New

    It would be quite unfair if we compare anything of LAMP with this new dramatically brilliant framework. PHP fans would still stick on with MySQL, but cannot deny the fact of complexity they are bound to face while switching over or when it is adapting different strategies for concerned platforms i.e. WordPress, Joomla or Drupal. Here, AngularJS makes life easy with excellent stability and persistence with only single framework.

  • To Summarize The Entire MEAN Stack, MongoDB Stores Data in JSON-like Documents

    Thus, one can then easily write JSON queries on ExpressJS and Node JS servers and these JSON documents can then be passed on to the AngularJS front-end. Thus, the identical nature of the objects stored in the database and that the client JavaScript gets, makes debugging and Database administration a very easy task.

  • Combinations Are Possible

    There is no compulsion to stick to just one technology when you are using MEAN stack development. Combinations are quite possible and they work great together. For example, MongoDB with PHP or Node JS with MySQL or AngularJS with PHP and MySQL for data transfer.

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How WeblineIndia Can Help Maximize Benefits with MEAN Stack Development?

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  • Modern End-to-End Solutions

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  • Alter As Per Your Budget

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  • Experienced Developers

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  • Maximize Your Benefits

    We help you to spend as little as possible on hiring and in return give you cutting edge services in lower time. So, in every aspect whether its cost saving or time saving, we maximize your benefits.

  • Transparent Throughout

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