MODX -The Open Source Content Management System

What is Content Management System?

As the name suggests, a content management system helps to manage content in the seamless manner. Here website is divided into different sections like design, functionality, content, etc. So the website will be controlled by different people, which will ease the task of dividing responsibilities. In short, the web designing part will be taken care of by designers, functionality will be taken care of by coders and the content will be managed by people who are non-technical.

Although CMS makes website management task easy, it has been found that certain systems come with some limitations. This is where MODX CMS comes to your rescue as it allows the users to build websites and manage it without binding with any kind of limitations.

MODX – The Content Management System

MODX is a content management system which was developed by the efforts of Ryan Thrash, Jason Coward and Raymond Irving. It was released in the year 2005 and they considered it as the CMS system, which gave them better freedom to design without compromising on the security factors.

MODX is an open source CMS, which help you to easily update the website as much as you want that too with ease. Moreover, you can very quickly build a website by making use of its resources.

Why go for MODX?

No doubt there are a number of CMS available in the market which helps to create websites easily and seamlessly. But the actual issues arise when it becomes difficult for developers and designers to apply customization on the website. If you are not skilled then chances are very low to apply customization and for site owners the documentation seems to be nerve racking. Moreover, some of the CMS does not support the current functions available on the internet.

Now on the other hand, we have MODX CMS. You can easily develop even the most complex websites. To be precise, you can better call MODX a content management framework, where you can develop a CMS that matches your website – all thanks to the flexibility and open nature of the framework. In short, you can have a website with desired functionality and design.

What are the key features of MODX?

MODX CMS comes with a number of important features which truly help the website owners to manage their website with ease.

They are –

  • It is an open source which is free and easy to use.
  • Irrespective of the changing trends, designers can easily design the website without any kind of limitations.
  • With MODX, it is easy to apply the creative side and build unique websites.
  • With MODX, designers can easily build object oriented designs to match the unique requirements.
  • When it comes to the security point of view, MODX only executes the prepared statements by controlling inputs and reduces the chances of SQL-injection compromises.
  • MODX is highly robust and keeps your website safe from any kind of malicious attacks.
  • Through dynamic working, MODX helps to improve the efficiency and speed of the CMS websites.
  • MODX supports cloud based platform with the help of advanced tool set.

Advantages of Opting for MODX

MODX is a PHP web application framework and an open source content management system, which helps in controlling the website completely as well as offers solution that boost application performance. Thereby, websites can be developed with appealing user interface and contents can be published when needed.

Apart from that, it comes with a number of advantages and they are –

  • It is search engine friendly. Helps in better indexing as the URLs are keyword based.
  • Gives complete control on content and so adding, editing, deleting any image, section or links to the website is easy.
  • Can manage and update content from anywhere, anytime by using Firefox, Internet Explorer or Safari.
  • Based on the editors, permissions can be set in such a way that they are provided limited access within the organization.
  • Whenever a new page or section is added, website navigation is generated dynamically.
  • Based on the content, choose a template from the list of pre-defined ones.
  • Posts can be scheduled by setting the date to publish content.
  • New releases and upgrades are available for free.
  • Meta-tags can be edited page-wise to boost search engine optimization.
  • Editors can add as much number of pages he wants on the website.
  • Supports multiple languages.
  • Good number of updated plugins available.
  • WYSYWG editors available to edit rich media content.
  • Comes with built-in search engine.
  • Can help to add member’s only area.

Having a CMS in place is very important. By opting for MODX, website owners will be able to have a website build their way seamlessly and effectively. So if you are planning to go for content management system, make sure you go for Offshore MODX CMS Development Services in India.