Offshore mobile app development is not a new term. Outsourcing web and mobile app development to offshore IT agencies has been a practice for decades. Contrary to many rumors, the outsourcing of IT projects has not just continued but has also grown manifold. However, it is worth noting that every year, there is a change in the strategy to get the optimum benefits. This handbook of offshore mobile app development in 2024 will take you through essential outsourcing steps so that you get the best return on every penny spent.

Let’s quickly begin with essential statistics of outsourcing IT projects by the research giant Statista

  • The IT services global spending reached USD 1305 billion
  • The managed service market size touched just under USD 300 billion
  • Owing to its financial benefits, skilled IT staff, and ease of business, India topped offshore mobile app development with a score of 7.09

Offshore Mobile App Development

Benefits of offshore mobile app development in 2024

Following the year 2023, ample benefits will continue for outsourcing mobile app development to India and other offshore hubs. Here is a quick recap of the advantages of outsourcing software development –

Low-cost overall budget

An in-house team of developers will cost you an arm and a leg. Not only does the hourly rate come to around USD 20-40/hr. in India (compared to the US app developer who charges USD 40-120 an hour), but the overall cost of a customized mobile app development is also halved (from USD 60000 to 80000 in the US to USD 30000-60000 in India). The cost-saving factor has been the biggest reason for offshore mobile app developers and will continue in 2024 and beyond.

Quality mobile apps

Gone are the days when global MNCs were skeptical about their mobile app development outsourcing to India. Today, offshore app developers utterly compete with industry-standard software solutions built in the US with two times the budget. India has retained its position as an offshore mobile app developers in 2024 with a global talent for designing and developing a mobile solution.

All-rounder offshore app developers

Top offshore mobile app development companies such as WeblineIndia provide a 360-degree solution to build a software tool for any industry vertical or niche. When you hire remote mobile app developers, you are assured of getting all services under one roof by all-rounder experts; hence, you don’t need to rush from pillar to post to get a fully customized and full-fledged software tool.

Maintenance and support

Offshore mobile app development in 2024 will primarily focus on design, development, and technical support to keep software tools up and running without any glitches. It is essential for enterprises to give seamless and fair user experience to customers and, therefore, relying on a renowned offshore mobile app development company is recommended. Top-notch companies are committed to providing post-sales support to maintain the product and keep it up to the latest market trends.

Offshore mobile app development services in 2024

The year 2024 has brought several technical advancements in the market; that said, you, as a farsighted entrepreneur, should discuss the latest stuff to implement in your mobile apps. Expanding its horizon, mobile app development outsourcing is beyond developing a software tool for your company. It is a comprehensive project that not only provides your business with operational automation but also assures you the loyalty of your customers or end users through impeccable and engaging solutions. You can have a glance at various services as mobile app development outsourcing in 2024 –

Offshore Mobile App Development Services

Why WeblineIndia for offshore mobile app development in 2024?

WeblineIndia has been serving enterprises of all sizes and kinds with customized web and mobile app solutions for the past 25 years. Having a strong hold on the IT market in the US and India, we are a preferred offshore mobile development destination with affordable engaging models yet bespoke enterprise mobility solutions. With more than 3500 projects and 20+ industry niches, we have mastered mobile technologies to build business-centric and objective-oriented software solutions to enhance your productivity while building a strong customer base.

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