Facebook and Google have come to play an efficient role in the online marketing ground. Facebook is the most popular social networking website where Google is the most powerful search engine. Online marketers use Facebook for branding and Google AdWords to generate leads for their business. But now, it can often be difficult for advertisers to decide, which is better for paid marketing (advertising), Facebook or Google where they should focus their attention.

We know that Facebook ads work totally different. On the other hand, Google AdWords works based on keywords that people type into a search engine. In this infographic, we aspire to speak about the difference between Facebook ads and Google AdWords. We decide to utter some important factors such as Pay models, targeting capabilities, ad design, cost to pay, conversion, use for, keywords, likes, demo, Avg cost, demographics, internal/external destination URL, purchase intent and sales cycle.

Check out our Google Ads vs Facebook Ads infographic: