Tips to Increase Downloads of Your Mobile Application

Every app owner wishes to engage & motivate new users for downloading their app. Here are some great tips to help you increase your mobile app downloads.

Five Internet Marketing Trends That Will Rock In 2015

In 2014 we all saw that business marketing emerged as a roller coaster ride. There were plenty of new things that people saw such as new platforms, new roles and channels, tools that popped all over the place, etc. Innovation is speeding up and thus we all are surrounded by opportunities now and these can really help businesses in meeting with their potential clients. 2014 is going on in a pretty exciting way and now all are looking forward for 2015. Here are five trends for 2015 that you would like to have a glimpse of. With these marketing trends people will get huge marketing advantage.

Strategies to help paid search boost your ecommerce business

The world of Ecommerce has experienced a sudden surge of competition. If you are in the industry, you would know that there are many players who are vying for the same customers. This makes it imperative to develop and executive marketing strategies that work. Trial and error is good to catalyze innovation, but tried and tested strategies need to be adopted too. Paid search is among the popular marketing strategies for Ecommerce businesses.

Online Marketing Battle : Facebook Marketing vs Google AdWords

Facebook and Google have come to play an efficient role in the online marketing ground. Facebook is the most popular social networking website where Google is the most powerful search engine. Online marketers use Facebook for branding and Google AdWords to generate leads for their business. But now, it can often be difficult for advertisers to decide, which is better for paid marketing (advertising), Facebook or Google where they should focus their attention.

Top 5 Linkedin Communities for PHP and .NET developers

Linkedin is believed to be one of the best professional networking platforms. Networking has always been important for professionals, but since the advent of LinkedIn it has made it possible for everyone to network professionally. Given that it is performed via the internet, one can connect with one’s professional network without leaving one’s chair. This piece of content aspires to inform you about the top Linkedin communities that you can participate in, if you are a PHP or .NET developer.

10 Facebook communities that Mobile and Web developers must join

The social media is an exceptional medium to connect with people. Since its advent, users have found means through which they can network with their friends and family. All of us have a story of how we found one or more of our school friends, or someone we had not been in touch with for long, via the social media. However, business professionals need to look beyond just friends and family. This social platform is presenting a myriad of opportunities for professionals to engage with their peers, clients, prospective customers, etc.

10 Google Plus Communities Every Tech People Should Join

Google Plus, the high-end wide-scoped social platform owns highly interactive and informative communities to its users as per their interests. Those enthusiasts who wish to dive to the tech’s core should not miss some interesting and useful communities on Google Plus. Some fresh releases are very attractive with new features by Google. So the giant addresses this reach as “your web.” There is lots and lots of informative stuff available into Google’s boundaries but here you can also reach to individual information, other social platform’s posts and content from other services.

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