With global spending on IT services has surged to more than $1300 billion, the trend will continue to grow.

Enterprises of all sizes and kinds from all around the world prefer outsourcing their software development needs to offshore hubs like India due to myriad cogent reasons. Here, in this short guide, we will discuss why outsourcing Dot Net development to WeblineIndia in 2024 and beyond is a wise choice.

Outsource .NET Development

Microsoft .NET technology offers advanced language features such as LINQ, asynchronous programming, and generics along with best-in-class libraries and multilingual support for developers. On the other hand, clients also prefer to outsource .NET development projects to offshore companies due to the end products being superior in scalability, performance, security, and manageability.

WeblineIndia has maintained its trust and loyalty with esteemed clients from all over the world. The company has a huge clientele in the US, the UK, Australia, India, Singapore, Canada, and most of the European countries. With more than 25 years in the field of offshore mobile and web development technology services, WeblineIndia has grown technically and strategically. Dot Net development at WeblineIndia is one of the premier products the company has known for years.

Here are the most convincing reasons why you should outsource .NET development projects to us.

RelyShore Development – patented concept

WeblineIndia’s patented offshore software development methodology, RelyShore showcases the company’s commitment to providing highly scalable, customized, and feature-rich solutions to enterprises with business transparency, timeliness, and dedication. You hire Dot NET developers once from us, and you will recruit them repeatedly.

RelyShore is a guarantee that you will have the best tech partner beside you for the current projects and many to come in the future because for us, business is way beyond financial gains. Most of our revenues come from repeat clients and some of them have been with us for more than two decades.

All-round .NET expertise

Outsource .NET development services to WeblineIndia as we have maintained as one of the top IT agencies in India. We have a branch in the US with a development hub in India to benefit you with low cost and high returns.

Above all, our full-stack .NET technical expertise is par excellence because we regularly conduct symposiums to groom our programmers with the latest .NET framework versions and associated tools. We have veterans with full-stack .NET expertise in tools like F#, Xamarin, NET Core, Blazor, C#, Visual Basics, ASP.NET MVC, IronPython, LINQ, and Security. Plus, we assure you that your .NET product will get the latest features and functionalities from the latest version of technology.

Save money to expand your business

At times, the cost savings go up to 40-50% when you outsource .NET development at offshore hubs like India. Choose us as your tech partner and save a big chunk of money that you can spend expanding your business with additional products or services.

While hiring DOTNET developers in the US and other first-world countries may cost you around US $80-200 an hour, outsourcing a .NET project to India will do your job in less than half the budget. It is worth noting that when you cut down on your budget, your Dot NET project does not cut down on any quality.

Quick onboarding – 3 business days!

At WeblineIndia, the hiring process is made not just simpler but also faster. You can outsource Dot NET development services and witness the kickstart of your project in three business working days. Yes, it is possible to get all Dot NET experts on board in just 72 hours.

All you need to do is fill out the form and our sales department will contact you to discuss the project. With just a couple of official meetings and a few email exchanges, we will clarify the project and budget. Once you agree to all the conditions and deliverables, your project kickstarts in 3 business working days at WeblineIndia.

No management stress, just benefits

WeblineIndia provides you with the ultimate solution for offshore Dot NET development. A specific model called the Dedicated Hiring Model enables you to choose your team of .NET experts remotely. Choosing the developers is your take as we will give you potential options and you can personally talk to them.

Once the .NET developers are gathered as a team, you will have access to the team through a project manager, your one-point contact for everything. All in all, when you outsource .NET development projects to us, you get rid of trivial matters of managing the team and looking after your project.

Offshore Outsourcing Partner

Save time: Answers to frequently asked questions you wanted

Now that you are aware of the cogent reasons to outsource the .NET development project to WeblineIndia, we will save your time further by answering the most frequently asked questions by our clients. This will give you a glimpse of how we work and how we will prove ourselves as the best offshore .NET development partner of yours.

1. How much I’ll save if I outsource Dot NET development at WeblineIndia?

A: The exact amount of money you will save by outsourcing .NET development services to us is difficult to tell. It all depends on the project size, complexity, and the hiring model you choose. Nevertheless, if you compare .NET development in the US and other first-world countries, you will be saving around 20%-45% of the total cost. You may discuss with our .NET consultants to know more about the costs.

2. Is Dot NET only for websites? How is it better for my business app development?

A: Microsoft technology .NET is exclusively for building websites – this is an old story. Like other coding or programming platforms, Dot NET has come a long way in innovation and advancement. Today, .NET has the capability to build customized web apps, desktop apps, and even mobile apps – all using C# language. Using the single code base for multiple platform deployment, Dot NET is the best technology to build secure and scalable software solutions for your enterprise.

3. We want to hire .NET developers for a longer duration. Is it possible?

A: Absolutely. Large-scale enterprises such as multinational companies prefer to keep .NET experts as long as their .NET product is in use. It is because the project is not over after designing, developing, and deploying. The .NET product should be maintained through continuous professional support such as bug fixing, functionality issue fixing, and most importantly regular updates for additional features and functionalities.

When you outsource Dot NET development at WeblineIndia, you initiate a long-term business relationship that is forever tech support for all forthcoming projects.

4. What types of mobile and web apps can I outsource Dot NET development for?

A: You name it, and it is possible at WeblineIndia Dot NET development services. Whether you want to build a single-page app or the most complex enterprise-grade software applications such as CRM, ERP, and ERM, you can hire .NET developers from our floor.

We can help you not just build these tools from scratch but also customize them according to your business goals and workflow. You can also outsource your .NET requirements to us to upgrade the existing system or sync/add the latest apps to the present systems.

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