Launch of Windows 8 by Microsoft was an evolution that brought major changes in its platform and user interface. It aimed to give the users an enriched experience over tablets in competition with Android and iOS operating system. The mainstream change that Microsoft brought was its Start menu that displayed updated contents in a dynamic grid style. This has received both positive and negative reviews from the users. On October 17, 2013, Windows 8.1 was released that eradicated all the limitations highlighted by reviewers for Windows 8.

Now comes the brand new release of Microsoft’s Windows Threshold 8.2 with an expectation to offer an improvised operating system. There are various predictions being made about the release of Windows Threshold 8.2 in 2015 as it is the final update for Windows 8.

Some of those preeminent predictions are:

Boot Screen

The boot screen displays loading with a message “This may take ten million years”. This is just an attention fetching boot message introduced by Microsoft so as to surprise its users.

Lock Screen

The lock screen has no updates as such. It is viewed to be normal with ‘slide to unlock’ option along with wonderful lock screen wallpapers.

Log On Screen

Microsoft has always favored simplicity in all its releases. Referring to the log on screen of Windows Threshold 8.2, it is simple black screen displaying user login and password.

User Interface

Windows 8 comprises of two user interfaces: ‘Metro’ and ‘Desktop’. However these user interfaces didn’t receive great response and were considered useless as again in Windows 8.1 these were not updated. Windows 8.1 had a simple modification in these two interfaces. A shortcut was created that appeared like a ‘Start’ button on desktop that lead you to ‘Metro’.

Windows 8 was dominated by two control panels: ‘PC settings’ in ‘Metro UI’ and ‘Control panel’ in ‘Desktop UI’. However, the user interface of Windows Threshold 8.2 will completely be overturned with adorned view.

This will have its own pros and cons as many may find the same as a mess. Fans of Windows still prefer the simplicity and ease of using Windows 7. It is considered to be the most stable version of Windows. It is pretty and highly colorful to work with.


Windows 8.2 will have modernized settings like:

  • Modernizing paint.
  • Eliminating the taskbar clock so as to favor the clock while you pull up the charms bar.
  • Obviously an upgraded default theme for desktop will be introduced.
  • Many apps will be refreshed.
  • The Start menu of Windows 7 will be back.

Wait for the grand launch in 2015 and see does it meet people’s expectations!