Apple’s very first revolutionary device may get its new improved edition this year. As per WSJ, the iPhone maker is planning to bring in new iPhones with big screens where one will exceed 4.5 inches diagonally and the other over 5 inches. The reports of new iPhones are continued from quite time now, with the news suggesting for such phones in progress in 2013.

Reportedly both these phones will own bodies of metal but may lack curvaceous screens, something that was cited by another firm. The smaller one amongst two phones is actively being considered for bulk production. Whereas, the bigger one is yet said to be in primary stages, in spite of the past reports that revealed that it’s been in the production plan from some time.

But, the Journal drives attendance that still there is no ultimate plan nor there are any changes. Also it did reveal that as there are metal bodies, Apple will freeze production of plastic bodies, very popular with iPhone 5c that released last year. It is surprising that Apple would take away the newly launched iPhone 5C’s design as it is only a year that it entered its production zone. Also, the real revolutionary iPhone was kept in market for numerous years after its existence. So usually, improved iPhones could correspond to an extra line, rather than being present as stand-in line for all the iPhones.

It does not matter how they acquire places in the entire line-up, it shows that the giant is serious in bringing offensive of big Android-based phones that many users are attracted to. The iPhones have grown from 3.5 inches to 4 inches, including iPhone 5, and the experience from Android phones even followed the same route.

Various news from different sources have revealed that upcoming display may measure at 4.7 and 5.7 inches, a bit lower than the flagship models from Android phone makers. This would be a great difference to the iPhone on its own, and so far there are no other big features for the phones that are continuously talked about.

For those awaiting these smart iPhones, it would be a good welcome with no small screens now.