Samsung, the current smartphone leader is about to jump in the wearable device business with new smart eyewear that is similar to competitor’s Google Glass. The Korean giant is reportedly talked to bring out a new Galaxy Glass during the IFA event held in September 2014. The so called Galaxy Glass may own capabilities to connect to the user’s smartphone and show him call details, notifications along with abilities to entertain user via music, social media etc., says recent reports from Korea Times suggesting hidden Samsung officials.

The news still is in primary level and so has majority of its details in dark including the facts about hardware, various features etc.

“The new smart glass to be introduced by Samsung is a new concept of wearable device that can lead to an exciting culture of communication,” the secret executive revealed, as per the report. “The smart glass will present our aim to lead the new market with proven capability. Wearable devices can’t generate profits immediately. Steady releases of devices are showing our firm commitment as a leader in new markets.”

Last year’s IFA unleashed the Korean giant’s smartwatch – Galaxy Gear and the company is said to have secured the patents of eyewear device in October 2013, helping the report to be true. There is still much time for September to arrive, and even if we believe the above revealed report to be genuine and true, it may happen that the giant may alter its planning or releasing strategy prior to that month.

The smart eyewear from Samsung is reported to work like Galaxy Gear smartwatch. It would team up with the cell phone which is unlike of Google Glass. It is also heard that Samsung Electronics is uniting with one of its subsidiaries Samsung Display as to acquire finest displays for the smart glasses.

Korea Times also adds further to this news as the hidden persona of a Google products supplier in Asia, which strongly signals Google Glass – till time have been managed to be in reach only as an exclusive beta device – will be open for sale on all platforms for common public in the last half time frame of this year.