Piles of technologies surround us from long and they certainly stand at their point. But, new time demands speedy results, faster development and brilliant innovations. How is this possible if you are tangled in heavy data applications that cater to millions of humans across the globe with slow paced structures? Problem doesn’t end here. Practically software programmers drive on a long everlasting bumpy ride while dealing with weird combinations of languages and technologies. Simple & clean is the new cool buzz that every software programmer wants. Modern web applications and structures are built brilliantly with such cool technology – Ruby on Rails (RoR).

History of Ruby on Rails

It is just a little more than a decade when Ruby on Rails was launched as an open source in July 2004. Eventually, with its successful achievements, the framework became widely famous. Newer editions released later on with enhanced modules, optimized formats and more power-packed server. Offshore Software Programmers got to use innovative versions with the improved RoR editions.

Experience the modern clean platform and create unusual products.

Current century’s web app development imposes complex processes that requires daunting efforts from the programmer. What if building such tremendous apps could be simple and better? Ruby on Rails is the final answer for plethora of web development projects which are in demand by clients today.

Explaining Ruby

Very few were aware of Ruby’s dominance before Rails complimented it for website development and application development. So, before jumping to Rails let’s throw some light on its main base – Ruby and understand its sure shots.

Merger of various dominant elements makes Ruby and so Ruby is:

  • Easy to learn for beginners who want to code
  • Based on one of the initial programming languages
  • Much simpler than C++ and even owns better potential of programming
  • A top-notch programming language
  • Visionary with potential that of Python, TCL/TK and Perl.
  • Better aligned like Ada, Java, Smalltalk or Eiffel.
  • Highly flexible and easy to interpret
  • Uncompromising performance with fewer bug generation

Favors on Ruby do not end here and thus has gained wide popularity all over the world.

Why Ruby on Rails?

Ruby on Rails is like ‘heaven-sent’ for both the worlds – software programmers / developers and the businesses / clients. They surely don’t have to bet upon performance, efficiency or versatility in their final RoR products. Quite a good choice to select on for modern web project needs. But, one should learn more on how, when and why Ruby on Rails should be chosen.

Here are few points that throw light on the ‘How’, ‘When’ and ‘Why’ RoR platform should be your next thing.

  • Stands as No.1 preference when it comes to ease of implementation: Post launch phase of any site, if advanced changes are required or needs for better appeal arise, RoR makes things much easier and simpler to implement.
  • Instant Launch: There is no need to wait long for launching your web project. In comparison to launching aspects that other technologies take, RoR-based sites will take approximately half the time. This indeed is a big saving and it is mainly as a result of cleaner codes, repeated usability of syntax and codes for modifications and the easy access to rich library of plugins and community aid (no need to start scratching from zero for new features)
  • Efficient products at low expense: As we discussed earlier that using RoR, websites need very less time for development and features are built quickly, one spends less in design, development and maintenance of the project. Promising quality and its efficiency remains the same even at this speed.


Overall, when this technology is ideally chosen for large scale websites, the returns are much higher than expected. Ruby on Rails aids coders in such an exclusive way that it is very tricky to explain to the ‘mundane crowd’. For programmers, it is a boon and they are very happy with its superabundant offerings.

When should you choose Ruby on Rails?

There are people who are almost always in a confused state while picking up their product’s technology. With our experience in this field since a long time, we can guide you for sure when you can ideally use RoR.

  • Membership websites: Social media sites or membership-oriented sites deal with huge connectivity between humans and web via millions of data layers. You can keep blindfolded trust on RoR framework while developing such large scale sites. Programmers have quick reach to a wide variety of plugins and so can easily resolve the dilemma of any query generated.
  • eCommerce websites: E-shops and applications are insanely in buzz these days. Rails literally offer fancy edge to win this particular arena. RoR Developers can build user-obsessed models and features which is the must criteria for e-commerce site. Also, it is very handy when you want to handle bulky updates and modifications including picture changing, customized pricing structures, logistics data change, more description etc. (again very common things that every e-commerce site need).
  • CRM and CMS: If you wish to get a solution that handles all the processes related to your clients then this technology has the ability to do it smoothly and without any errors. Also, if your goal points to a web solution catering with bulky data and files, RoR is the final destination. For both the needs (CRM & CMS) Rails offer helping hand to enable, release, alter and manage the content in the most hassle free manner.
  • Customized web solutions: Technically, software programmers highly prefers RoR to brilliantly execute custom solutions. We have experienced favorable outcomes in development of websites, database-driven structures and business models.


When you should doubt giving a shot for Ruby on Rails?

Well, admiring this loved framework is good but we would want you to give a glance at few flaws of Ruby on Rails. Though, we can ignore this as they are unlikely to hinder your business solutions.

  • Performance and Run-time: The number one problem the entire community cite about is its slow performance (as compared to its competitors). We do admit that the run-time speed of RoR is inferior to its competitors but the fact is that this factor alone would surely not be a barrier or a showstopper for any organization. Possibly, the flaw is going to be somewhere else or in case if you have to worry about extraordinarily high database volumes.
  • Threading matters: Even though RoR has multi-threading ability, a drawback of not backing native threads remains because many IO collections are influenced with GIL (Global Interpreter Lock). So, if not carefully monitored, lined up requests will create congestion resulting into lame performance. Developers can solve this by implementing multiprocessor infrastructure if using GLI-dependent libraries.
  • Boot performance: Earlier this was a major concern for developers as multiple gem dependencies took ample of time to begin. The launch of Spring healed it to some extent but it still can be improved further.


WeblineIndia offers complete line of Ruby on Rails development services. It’s many years now, since we are programming variety of solutions with this powerful framework and its features.

Why you should choose WeblineIndia to build your websites or web applications on RoR?

  • RoR Gems: Enthusiastic professionals in our team are thorough with the latest edition of RoR and all its linked strategies allowing a beneficial edge in developing.
  • Custom products: WeblineIndia offers smart customization relevant to your business demands in minimum time possible. With RoR’s flexible ecosystem, we enable you to get top-level enterprising solutions at lower expense.
  • End-to-End Testing and QA: Quality is what matters the most and we are ready to undergo arduous processes to make it happen. Our QA team carries out best and smart QA tasks.
  • Client centered services: Each service from WeblineIndia works in a way where client is at the center point. From initial process of deciding the project development and its deadlines to resolving queries and maintenance work, we take care of each need carefully and with complete dedication.
  • Maintenance and Support services: Post-project phase is critical and many turn their heads after the delivery. We are helpful and always at your reach for any support or issue that needs to be catered. Our support team extends 24×7 service for all types of projects (need it be a large scale app development or minor design built up).

Secure the most of Ruby on Rails – only with WeblineIndia

  • Exploring: Our professionals calculate minutely and explore every single element that can benefit your project/product.
  • Innovation: Programmers here are masters in the RoR realm and so will figure out and implement the best for you.
  • Design: Quality of design is definite to meet the highest possible standards by our designers.
  • Coding & Development: RoR developers nail it with fantastic application development in a spirited manner.
  • Launch: Once we are done with the development, next thing is to help you bring it live.

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