Samsung and LG are planning ahead to unzip curved screened devices. LG puts its initial footsteps with flexible screen but fails to acquire much flourish in the market. Both the makers turn out to be beginners in bringing flexible curved smartphones. Such devices is a route towards the original reward – mobile devices with fully flexible screens that allow users to wear the device around the wrist or move along with a rolled up device like a paper.

Last month when Samsung desired to secure a patent, the device appeared similar to a tablet owning a screen that can be folded into half. The South Korean leaders are mum on revealing anything more on their upcoming devices. They are also rumoured of making wearable device for the head so that users can enjoy their favourite music or can also attend the phone calls when the device is connected with a smartphones as per a patent filing report.

These types of devices demand advanced displays as they are not flat and rectangle like majority of phones currently in the market. It is still not fixed of when these next-generation devices will appear in the market but the electronics giants are putting their maximum efforts to design and manufacture fully flexible or bendable screens. Both, in their laboratories are testing elastic screens that doesn’t break while they are bent or folded. Here, the glass is removed in the backside of the screens and new improved technology of plastic is used.

Presently the works are seasoned a lot so the chances are extremely high. People may experience such tablets or even mini TV screens that can be folded various times or rolled to accommodate in a bag or pouch.