With its 24 year old history Apple WWDC did not let down its fans this year. Amidst speculations of what new hardware carnival WWDC 2014 might unfold Apple brought a pleasant surprise with a new bag of software goodies that promise to bridge the gap between desktop and mobile devices. Apple this year announced two software developments – iOS 8 and OS X and the developer tools that bring them to life which includes a new programming language, Swift. Apple claims that iOS 8 is the biggest release since the launch of the App Store.

Find below highlights of the features that will embellish the iOS 8 iPhone and the iPad:

Health Kit: Initially this feature was named Health Book. Using this feature you may organize information from your various other health and fitness devices at one place and may share the information as you need to.

Home automation: Convergence has reached such a vantage point that with a device which constantly stays with you (your iPhone/ iPad) you may also perform your household chores. You are seeing advertisements of or are switching fans on/off through remotes – how about switching on your smart light bulbs (or any smart home device) with your iOS 8 iPhone?

iMessage: Apple’s messaging application has been enhanced to send video as well as audio messages. Group chats also have been made simpler to participate in and leave.

Attachments: Apple has increased the size of files you can attach with your mail to 5 GB with its OSX: Yosemite operating system upgrade for computers.

Caller ID: What happens when you are on your Mac in your study and your iPhone rings which you had misplaced! No worries dear, now you can take your call in your Mac or even your iPad as the caller ID will be flashed on both. And if you missed that call you can return the call from your Mac or iPad itself. Convenient?!

Keyboard: Apple is introducing third party keyboards which will reduce the jumping between apps. Now you will be able to apply an Instagram filter to an existing picture you are looking at in your library and then send it to twitter. However, the keyboard apps themselves won’t be allowed to send data to the internet unless you explicitly allow it.

iCloud: Say your goodbyes to Dropbox! Apple is soon giving its iCloud app a file system where you can sort through your photographs and also open them in any app on both your Mac and iOS device – and also on Windows, where iCloud will be available as a web service. 5 GB space is free of cost only for you and 20 GB for 99 cents per month.

App Store upgrade: The Apple App store will be fitted with search tools to make it convenient for you to search for the app you need and to top that you will be able to buy multiple apps at one time.

Apps within an app: With the new iOS 8 you will be able to edit or work in an app within an app. For example you will now be able to open a photograph then go on to open a photo editor app and edit the photograph.

Hey! Don’t take out your credit cards yet. Wait till Autumn when iOS 8 will be launched.