Since its twenty four years of commencement the Apple Worldwide Developer’s Conference (WWDC) has been amazing the people with newer and more advanced technological breakthroughs by divulging stunning new products from Apple. WWDC 2012 saw the revelation of Mac Book Air, Mac Book and iOS6.  In 2011, Apple presented the world both iOS5 and MACOS X and in 2013. Apple brought the iOS 7, OS X Maverics and the redesigned Mac Pro Desktop to the people of the world.

WWDC 2014 was no less in stunning the people and in fulfilling their expectations. This year rather Apple’s products WWDC focused on Apple’s software breakthroughs. iOS8 and OS X were the stars of WWDC 2014.

Tim Cook, CEO, Apple started his keynote address thanking the developers for helping the iOS Apple app store reach its 50 billionth download stating “That’s a lot of zeroes”. From his address it was discerned that iOS8 and OS X will give severe competition to Google and Android market.


The several features iOS 8 would include are – a new health kit that will help the user to understand about his health and fitness through data accumulated in one place from various health and fitness gears. It will also allow the user to control, through it various smart home gears such as garage doors, smart bulbs and other internet-connected devices that comply with an Apple specification. In iOS8, iMessage has got a steroid shot as it will also be able to send audio and video messages. The iCloud service has been developed to include a file system which will allow the user to sort and sift through the files and open them in any app including Windows, where iCloud will also be available as a web service. Like Android systems now Apple iOS8 devices too will allow third party keyboard apps, but the keyboard apps themselves won’t be allowed to send data to the internet unless the user explicitly allows it. Another enhancement in the Apple’s Quick Type keyboard is the predictive typing feature that was absent earlier.

Ready to be launched in autumn 2014 the iOS8 and OS X: Yosemite are now being tested by the registered Apple developers.

OS X: Yosemite

The Mac OS X: Yosemite has been developed to make interactions possible between various devices by Apple. The all new OS X has imbibed a new quality in its Yosemite ‘avatar’ which Apple has named Continuity. This new feature will allow the Apple devices to detect other Apple devices with OS. In fact it goes a step further by allowing the user to receive and make calls from their Mac PCs and iPads even when the iPhone is not near at hand.