Top 10 Open Source Web Development Tools for Your Project

For developers it becomes important to be aware of the different open source web development tools available in the market. Proper understanding of the development tools will help them complete the web development task the right way. Keeping that in mind here we are with some top open source web development tools that developers should check out for sure.

  • Node JS ( JS which is built on the V8 JavaScript engine of Google is a JavaScript runtime environment, which is used to develop the server-side of web applications. It is an open source cross-platform, which helps in efficient and faster application development. Node JS development makes use of non-blocking, event-driven I/O model for better development process. Node JS was released for the first time in 2009.
  • AngularJS ( which is used to build dynamic web apps is a JavaScript framework. This is mostly used to build single-page web applications. Using HTML attributes, AngularJS helps with data-binding and filters. It supports DOM handling, forms and form validation. The open source development tool was created by Google and was developed by Brat Tech LLC and under the license of MIT it was open sourced. Its initial release was made in 2009.
  • Brackets ( was developed by Adobe and is written in JavaScript, CSS and HTML. It is one of the famous open source code editors for CSS, JavaScript and HTML. You can easily have a preview of the editor which helps to make the development process smarter. Brackets was initially released in 2014.
  • Bootstrap ( is an open source tool which is used to build responsive designs. This free tool comes with a set of classes and grids, forms, buttons, containers, navigation, JavaScript extensions and media queries. This is the most popular project on GitHub and has more than 38,000 forks and 91,000 stars.
  • LESS ( has a syntax similar to CSS as it is the pre-processor of CSS. You can speed up the development process as LESS comes with a number of outstanding features. You can make your CSS themeable, extendable and maintainable as LESS comes with amazing features like mixins, functions variables, and some other important techniques.
  • Atom ( is one of the best text editors you will find right now in the market. You can easily carry out cross-platform editing using this open source editor. With Atom, web development becomes quick as it has the support of Jshint, AngularJS support, built-in package manager, turbo-JavaScript, smart auto-completion and Atom TypeScript.
  • Notepad++ ( is an open source tool, which works as the text and source code editor for Microsoft Windows. With the help of Notepad++ you can offer syntax highlighting, code folding and tabbed editing for more than 50 scripting, markup and programming languages. Notepad++ comes with a number of plugins and has huge community support. Notepad++ also offers support for playback and Macro recording PCRE search/replace and Bookmark.
  • XAMPP ( is one of the favorite cross-platform tool for the web developers. This open source tool made use of MySQL instead of MariaDB earlier. With XAMPP it is very easy to install and configure MariaDB, PHP and Apache as it has complete package of its libraries. This is the best way to set your local web server.
  • Firebug ( of the important tool which is used by web developers widely is Firebug. Actually, Firebug is an extension of Mozilla Firefox. It helps to carry out a number of tasks on a live web page like debugging, editing as well as HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

This tool was developed by Joe Hewitt and it comes with a number of features like:

1. Tweak CSS for perfection

2. Manage cookies

3. Find errors quickly

4. Inspect and edit the HTML section

5. Check the DOM

6. Visualization of CSS metrics

7. Monitors the activity on network

  • Ember.js ( which was developed by Yehuda Katz is an open source JavaScript framework. The framework is based on the pattern of MVC – model-view-controller. This has been widely used by the developers for the development of single-page web applications.

So in case you are planning to take up a web development project then making use of the above-mentioned open source tools will do the job for you. So what are you waiting for? Try them and have a better experience.

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