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Our lives are surrounded by software today. And with the pandemic entering our lives, sustaining has become dependent on software. Be it buying groceries, buying properties, or shopping for clothes, we can do all of them seamlessly due to such well-created software. Individuals and companies all over the world use software for a variety of reasons and reap numerous benefits. It is used for commuting, electrical grids, nuclear power plants, and other activities that provide life’s necessities. Now that we have established the importance of new software, software development automatically becomes important. In this post, we will see top ReactJS development companies in the USA.

Top Reasons Why Software Development is Critical for your Company

  • Promote Your Company

Incorporation of software development propels your company to new heights. It promotes and spreads your business by making your brand noticeable to everybody almost anywhere via a smartphone or computer.

  • Enhances Sales and Service


sales and service

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It is critical to understand what your consumers say about your brand and products. If you want to understand their opinion and have them leave a positive comment, you must have an internet platform that allows consumers to conveniently contact you and share their thoughts on your goods or service.

  • Direct Communication

The only thing that could help you have direct interaction with your customers is software development. No other approach can help you communicate directly with your customers. It is the quickest way to raise brand recognition.

  • Improves Consumer Engagement

Every company wishes to expand its customer base. But how can a company attract more customers? The solution is digital marketing. Online marketing strategies must be implemented by businesses. You can boost customer interaction with the help of a website or mobile app, causing them to return to you rather than your competitor.

Importance of ReactJS Development

reactjs development


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For all the right reasons, ReactJS is now one of the top trending topics in the field of Web and App development. ReactJS is a widely used framework among both businesses and developers. ReactJS development company allows for concise and stable code, allowing for later debugging. The framework also enables you to update the commands in the application at any time.

ReactJS has several benefits to offer. The following are some significant advantages of the ReactJS Framework:

  • Creating Web Apps has become simple.
  • Stable code is assured.
  • User Interface — a highly engaging system.
  • Support for useful tools.
  • Virtual DOM enhances the performance.
  • ReactJS is well-known for its SEO friendliness.

There are numerous software development companies around the world using ReactJS technology. Hence it is difficult to select the best ReactJS development company for your next project.

Below is the list of top ReactJS Development Companies in the USA that you can Consider:

1. WeblineIndia

Minimum Project Size:$5,000+
Avg Hourly Rate:$25 – $49 / hr
Location:India and USA
Top Clients:Startups, SMEs, Enterprises, Entrepreneurs
Avg. Clutch Rating:4.9/5

WeblineIndia has been in business since 1999 as an offshore web, android apps, webpage, and custom ReactJS development company (in the United States and India). They specialize in offering startup, entrepreneurs, small, medium, and large enterprises application development solutions, website development, mobile application development, QA & testing, UI/UX design, and next-generation technical support services.

They have a team of 150+ software programmers who are skilled with the best technology solutions and are filled with passion and zeal for their work. The stamp of their trademark ‘Reliability’ appears in every software they develop and in the results they deliver. They are dedicated to providing outstanding service to delight their clients.

2. WillowTree

Minimum Project Size:$250,000+
Avg Hourly Rate:$150 – $199 / hr
Location:Charlottesville, VA
Top Clients:HBO, Pepsico, FOX
Avg. Clutch Rating:4.9/5

WillowTree, which was established in 2008, is one of the leading ReactJS development companies. The majority of its clients are the nation’s top brands. The firm has skills and experience in agile web development as well as concepts such as responsive websites, Universal JS, and responsive web design. They can create enterprise-grade solutions to meet any requirement.

3. Perpetual

Minimum Project Size:$25,000
Avg Hourly Rate:$50–99/hr
Location:NEW YORK, USA
Top Clients:Unpakt, Sonder, Elle
Avg. Clutch Rating:4.8/5

Perpetual is a New York-based software innovation and development firm. They assist other businesses in creating excellent user experiences and cutting-edge software. Their clients include huge companies in the mainstream press and financial services sectors and several startups from various industries. To create a delightful online experience, Perpetual employs best business practices in User Experience and Application Development.


Minimum Project Size:$100,000+
Avg Hourly Rate:$100–149/hr
Location:Los Angeles, California, USA
Top Clients:Microsoft, Boosted, Hallmark
Avg. Clutch Rating:4.8/5

STRV’s designers and developers understand that cooperation is essential to the success of any project. Looking for the best React js developers for your venture? STRV could be the end of your search. This android app development company provides valuable outcomes for businesses by providing customized and problem-solving solutions.

5. Resourcifi

Employees:10 – 49
Minimum Project Size:$25,000
Avg Hourly Rate:$25 – $49 / hr
Location:Santa Monica, CA, USA
Top Clients:Stanford University, Snacking, Dow, Philosophy Talk, Proximity Learning
Avg. Clutch Rating:4.7/5

Resourcifi is one of the top ReactJS development companies, with a Clutch rating of 4.7/5. Their most effective front has always been ReactJS development. They employ skilled in-house programmers. They are extremely qualified and can provide their clients with active and highly effective applications.

Resourcifi’s ReactJS development services are unrivalled. They can assist you in developing world-class web and mobile apps.

6. Saritasa

Minimum Project Size:$25,000+
Avg Hourly Rate:$100–149/hr
Top Clients:SONY, Disney, YAMAHA
Avg. Clutch Rating:4.8/5

Saritasa collaborates with leading industry technology companies to keep them on the cutting edge. This software development company in the USA employs some of the finest ReactJS developers in the sector, and they have completed over 1500 projects effectively.

7. RnF Technologies, Inc.

Employees:50 – 249
Minimum Project Size:$10,000+
Avg Hourly Rate:$25 – $49 / hr
Location:Houston, TX, USA
Top Clients:EHS Insights, Albatross Divers, Affinity Partnerships
Avg. Clutch Rating:4.8/5

RnF Technologies is a well-known ReactJS innovation company in the United States. They don’t just make products. They also help businesses grow. RnF has extensive experience developing web and mobile applications to meet the diverse needs of customers worldwide.

8. Cheesecake Labs

Minimum Project Size:$50,000+
Avg Hourly Rate:$50–99/hr
Location:San Francisco, California, USA
Top Clients:Lockitron, OneAvenue.Tv, Camio
Avg. Clutch Rating:4.9/5

Cheesecake Lab is motivated by a desire to improve people’s lives, achieve technological excellence, maintain the highest levels of integrity, and utilize a diverse workforce that appreciates cooperation. Cheesecake Labs has structured, established, and supplied a range of products and services to clients all over the world over the years.

9. Belitsoft

Minimum Project Size:$25,000+
Avg Hourly Rate:$149/hr
Location:California, USA
Top Clients:Stackcommerce, Kia, Epson
Avg. Clutch Rating:4.9/5

Belitsoft is committed to developing custom applications that transform businesses. They’ve been in business for over 10+ years and always prioritized big ideas. This mobile and web software development company in the USA recognizes ReactJS as a popular framework. They provide a wide range of web app development services using cutting-edge techniques.

10. Wildebeest

Minimum Project Size:$50,000+
Avg Hourly Rate:Undisclosed
Location:Marina del Rey, California, USA
Top Clients:Google, PepsiCo, Toyota, Microsoft, Disney
Avg. Clutch Rating:4.9/5

Wildebeest is a small firm of workforce size, but despite this, they deliver best-in-class and robust solutions. The skilled developers at Wildebeest specialize in a wide variety of services, including cloud services, cloud movement, cloud collaboration, cloud hosting, and cloud computing.

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We hope you liked the article and are now informed of the top ReactJS development companies. The companies listed above have extensive experience in developing custom products for different industries that depend on their specifications.

The top ReactJS development companies on this list have done multiple projects over the years and are fully prepared to assist you in taking your business to the next level. Before deciding on a ReactJS solution provider, make sure you have a cost estimate and look over their work portfolio.

Note: All the company’s data is taken from their profile.

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Below are some of the top brands and organizations that are using ReactJS Frameworks.
– New York Times
– Tesla
– Uber
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– Pinterest
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– Speed
– Flexibility
– Performance
– Reusable Components
– Usability
It depends on the requirements of the project. You can ask for the quote to see how much time it will take and then choose the company that ensures speedy work.
– Web Application Development
– Front-End Development Services
– Plugin Development
– Mobile Application Development
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Top 10 ReactJS Development Companies in USA 2022 – INFOGRAPHIC

Top 10 ReactJS Development Companies in USA 2022 Infographic