Linkedin is believed to be one of the best professional networking platforms. Networking has always been important for professionals, but since the advent of LinkedIn it has made it possible for everyone to network professionally. Given that it is performed via the internet, one can connect with one’s professional network without leaving one’s chair. This piece of content aspires to inform you about the top LinkedIn communities that you can participate in, if you are a PHP or .NET developer. These LinkedIn communities are good sources for you to gain pertinent information about the industry and the associated procedures. On the other hand, it also helps you position yourself as an opinion leader. You can contribute to the discussions, and offer some relevant knowledge to the people of the group.

1. PHP DEVELOPERS: This is the first community that any PHP developer must be a part of. As the name suggests, the community is for all those developers, who make use of PHP in their development process. The objective of the community is threefold. The first is to unite all PHP developers. It is an interesting way for them to connect with each other. On the other hand, the developers can share ideas too. Finally, everyone can gain comprehension about the best practices that currently prevail in the industry. The community has over 97,000 members, and that is a great accomplishment. If you browse through the first page of the community, you would realize that many people use this platform to ask questions and even post comments about new technology.

2. PHP DEVELOPER NETWORK: Here is another popular community that has caught the fancy of PHP developers. Like the previous one, this community is also meant for all the PHP developers who are interested in networking with their counterparts. The group has over 20,000 members, and this suggests that it is reasonably popular. The discussion on the community revolves around the LAMP technology stack, and anyone with questions, suggestions, or ideas can contribute. It is not just restricted to professional developers, but also invites the enthusiasts to join the group.

3. .NET DEVELOPERS: Like the PHP developer community, the .NET developers community deals with technologies related to .NET. This includes C#, VB.NET, ASP.NET, LINQ, etc. It is an ideal platform for those .NET professionals who wish to connect with fellow developers, and share a platform. They can gain more information about the recent trends around the world, and also share the information that they possess. A glance at the first page of the community suggests that people have posted many informative blogs, and some of them have even asked pertinent questions.

4. .NET PEOPLE: Looking for a job as a .NET developer? That is one purpose that you can solve when you join this community. There are some job postings on the community. Additionally, there are other discussions that the community includes too. The group was created in the year 2007, and has over 150,000 students. This means that the group is extremely popular, and it offers great opportunities for you to network and prosper.

5. MICROSOFT .NET DEVELOPERS: This is another community for .NET developers. It has over 10,000 members, and solves the same purpose as some of the other LinkedIn communities for the aforementioned technology.

If you believe in the power of networking, these are some LinkedIn communities that you must certainly join.