Twitter is said to be testing some new capabilities for extending its users with access to view tweets coming from their area.

The “Nearby” feature is in buzz in few leading news agencies, can be a boon for users roaming around the city and are keen to know what the happenings are in their region in real-time. The giant tests this feature to enable users’ reach to post and see the location to their tweets from 2010. If not desired by the user, it is possible for him/her to turn the feature off from the privacy settings. This will not allow others to see where the user is posting from. The giant is quiet at the moment, observing that they are frequently into such testing processes of new features.

Also recently, the social network did add a ‘Block’ feature that failed to be in the liked interest of the users, converting intention only a day after launching the new ability. This enabled users to remove the comments made by the ‘blocked’ person on their page, but the ‘blocked’ user was still allowed to post comments and answers to the messages. Due to complaints from frustrated users, the social media declared that the block was restored.

“We have decided to revert the change after receiving feedback from many users,” said Michael Sippey, Twitter’s vice president of product, in a blog statement. “We never want to introduce features at the cost of users feeling less safe.”

Sippey revealed more that the social media will also “explore features” to prevent abuse on the site.

Twitter has improvised its iOS and Android app too with an easy messaging feature enabling photo sharing.