No business can thrive today without having a digital presence. With more than 4.3 billion people using Internet-enabled mobile devices, mobile apps for businesses have become a prerequisite for any venture to reach their potential customers. However, it’s often seen that an array of services offered by IT agencies in developing a customized mobile app make clients confused. Here is your guide to the service types to outsource mobile app projects.

Outsourcing Mobile App Development Services

Introduction to mobile app development services

A century back, a general physician would treat almost all health ailments. But today, we have specific sets of services and their experts. Similarly in Tech industry, starting with Pascal, Forth, and C, computer programming languages for larger machines have come a long way passing the golden era of Java, and C++ and today they shine with F#, Dart, Cystal, and many more.

As technologies evolved, a paradigm shift from desktop to mobile devices was evident. Today, the line between applications and websites for devices of different sizes and kinds is getting thinner. Today, mobile app development services include 360-degree remedies to your enterprise software solutions. These services can help you build apps for a small smartwatch to a giant 100-inch TV leaving no difference in user experience. Additionally, with the advent of the latest technologies such as AI/ML, IoT, Blockchain, Deep Learning, and Metaverse, mobile app development has gone beyond boundaries to provide an immersive and realistic experience to users.

Types of mobile app development services

There are two major players in the mobile app world: iOS and Android. According to the research giant Statista, Android maintained its position as the leading mobile OS all over the world contributing a market share of more than 70% whereas Apple stood second with a market share of just under 30%. The other players such as Windows, Symbian, Samsung, and others account for tinier shares.

Market Share of Mobile Operating Systems Worldwide


With users fairly divided into two major categories, mobile app development services also primarily target iOS and Android app development.

However, on a larger scale, we can divide app development into three major categories –

Types of Mobile App Development Services

Native mobile app development services

Native applications are developed specifically for a particular OS that leverages platform-specific coding. Thus, native app development services include building mobile applications that operate only on specific devices and/or platforms.

It is possible to build a native app that works on different devices, but all these devices work on the same platform. For instance, a native Android app will work smoothly on an Android smartwatch, Android mobile phone, Android tablet, and Android TV.

Benefits of native mobile app development services

Some businesses prefer building a native mobile app for their corporate needs. Here are some of the noteworthy benefits of native app development –

  • High speed: unlike cross-platform and hybrid codes, native mobile apps are straightforward and hence comparatively faster.
  • Offline functionalities: native mobile app development offers flawless operations even without Internet connectivity.
  • More interactive: since native apps are built on specific operating systems, they follow strict guidelines that render the best interaction.
  • Minimized errors: native app development is streamlined and abides by strict guidelines. Ultimately the result is a minimized scope of bugs.
  • Enhanced security & performance: app development on native platforms relies heavily on browsers and tools such as CSS, JavaScript, and HTML5, etc. Hence, it ensures the best security and optimum performance through hardware features.

Native mobile app development services can be further divided into two major OSes.

Native Android app development services

Typically, native Android app development services use Android Studio and IntelliJ IDEA to build quality applications that run on Android devices of all sizes and kinds. These applications leverage the benefits of Android hardware to render the best functionalities.

Native iOS app development services

Applications built for native iOS platforms use XCode and AppCode to build customized solutions that run smoothly across Apple devices such as Apple Watches, iPads, iPhones, and Apple TV. IOS applications built on native platforms provide a superior user experience as they can get the best out of the hardware of Apple devices.

When should you opt for native mobile app development services?

Native app development is a bit costlier because you need a separate code for a separate platform or operating system. Consider native app development services for the following factors –

  • Your target audience is on the specific platform
  • You want to make the first impression the best one through UX
  • If you are into gaming and 3D animations
  • If you plan to grab a wide range of DAUs, pitch your app for funding, or want to impress users with smooth functionalities
  • You need to add a device-specific functionality such as a camera or GPS

Hybrid app development services

Hybrid app development services include a combination of web solutions and native apps. In this, programmers embed the code written in CSS, HTML, and JavaScript into native apps by using various plugins such as Ionic’s Capacitor, Apache Cordova, and the like. This enables them to get access to the native functionalities of the platforms or frameworks.

When should you opt for hybrid mobile app development services?

Hybrid apps are a bit cheaper as compared to native mobile app development services. However, companies should opt for these services under the following conditions –

  • Quick time to market: faster shipping of MVP – Minimum Viable Product is faster when you opt for hybrid app development.
  • Ease of maintenance: hybrid apps are completely based on web technologies and, therefore, they are simpler to handle and maintain compared to their counterpart cross-platform and native.
  • Minimized cost and time: if you have a confined budget and time constraints, hybrid app development services are affordable. Single version on multiple platforms.
  • Enhanced UI/UX: the combination of native and web apps offers a seamless user experience with super-fast loading of graphics.

Cross-platform app development services

Want to build a mobile app? Contact UsMany confuse between cross-platform app development services and hybrid app development services – they are entirely different from each other, and they have their importance. Cross-platform frameworks are built with a clear purpose – build shareable and usable codes to build apps for different operating systems. This means writing code once and then reusing the same on multiple platforms so that the app development cost and efforts are remarkably brought down.

Cross-platform app development services are known to offer easy implementation and seamless functionalities. Thanks to Xamarin, Flutter, and React Native framework, cross-platform app development services are making their way to the top priority to offshore mobile app development companies.

When to consider cross-platform app development services?

Due to hassle-free and rapid app development, greater product features, and reduced costs, cross-platform app development is preferred by most small and medium-sized enterprises. Here is what you need to consider for this service –

  • You have a limited budget but want to cover all major operating systems and platforms such as Android and iOS
  • You want to reach all potential users/customers on Android and Apple devices
  • You want your apps to take a shorter time to develop and a faster time to deploy
  • When you want an app with smooth functionalities and a seamless experience for users on all types of devices

Progressive web app development services

PWAs are a feature-packed enterprise mobility solution that provides a seamless experience to your target customers. In the mobile-first era, you can acquire the best combination of mobile and web technologies. Progressive web apps are built using web platform technologies but then they are known to provide a user experience like that of a platform-specific app.

When to consider PWA development services?

There are many progressive web app development benefits offered to businesses. Enterprises all over the world prefer PWAs when they are clear about their needs and specifications. Here are some of the factors that help you decide whether to go for PWA development services –

  • When you focus on providing offline functionalities. The PWAs work offline and hence are the best solutions for your customers with limited Internet connectivity.
  • When you want your web apps to get discovered and shared. Just like traditional websites, PWAs are discoverable by search engine bots. They can be also shared with URLs allowing user-generated content to be a part of its campaign.
  • When you don’t want to get into hassles of updates and maintenance complexities. PWAs are easy to handle, and updates are rolled out seamlessly.

Native apps Vs. Hybrid apps. Vs. Cross-platform apps Vs. PWAs – which one to choose?

For businesses, it is essential to choose the right mobile app development services which come only after carefully planning your business requirements, project scope, and targeted audience, end users, or customers.

Here is a simple-to-learn table that helps you decide on an appropriate mobile app development service to outsource.

Factors  Native App Development  Hybrid App Development  Cross-Platform App Development  Progressive Web App Development 
Development Languages  Swift, Objective C, Java, etc.  Ionic’s Capacitor, Apache Cordova, etc.  Flutter, Xamarin, React Native etc.  HTML, CSS, JavaScript etc. 
Cost  High  Low  Low  Low 
UI Quality  High  Medium  Medium  Medium 
User Experience  High  Medium  Medium  Medium 
Works on  Single platform/OS  Multiple  Multiple  Platform-independent 
Internet-dependency  Yes  Most cases yes  Most cases yes  No 
Approval of app stores  Yes  Yes  Yes  No 
Security  High  Moderate  Moderate  Low 
Maintenance  Moderate  Moderate  Moderate  Low 
Development time and time to market  More  Moderate  Moderate  Less 

Outsource mobile app development services

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