In the world of IT consulting, clarity is the ultimate king. The clearer you are about what your client wants, the more precise you can be in delivering the best ROI value. This principle is summarized in a straightforward yet profound statement:

If you cannot tell me how you’re going to improve a number that I care about, I cannot tell you a number I’m willing to pay for your assistance.

The Importance of The Why Conversation

This dialogue is at the heart of what I refer to as The Why Conversation. It is a strategic framework in our IT Consulting services which is designed to uncover the specific business metrics a client is focused on improving. Engaging in this conversation helps in establishing a clear understanding of what success looks like for the client, which is crucial for setting the scope and direction of the software project that we would be working on.

A Personal Anecdote

Let me share a recent experience that underscores the importance of this approach. Our IT consulting team was recently approached by a mid-sized e-commerce company facing significant challenges in customer retention. During our initial meetings, instead of jumping straight into the solution mode of this challenge, we spent considerable time discussing their current metrics, factors effecting it and their long-term business goals.

Through The Why Conversation, it became clear that their primary goal for reaching out to us was to enhance customer loyalty, aiming for a 10% increase in retention over the next six months. This specific, measurable objective provided a solid foundation for our engagement and helped us focus our efforts on high-impact strategies.

Setting the Stage for Success

Once the target metric was established, pricing and proposing our eCommerce development services became more straightforward. We tailored our IT consulting services package to directly address their retention issues, including customized analytics services, customer feedback systems, and engagement strategies that were likely to influence their key metric.

The Broader Implications

The process of focusing on a specific metric does more than simplify pricing; it aligns the IT consultant’s objectives with the client’s business success. This alignment is essential because it shifts the conversation from cost to value, a crucial perspective in business consulting and increasing the chances of win-win situation.

Beyond the Numbers

Understanding the client’s key metrics also helps in other ways:

  • Avoids Scope Creep: When we define clear objectives based on the client’s key metrics from the outset, it’s easier to keep the software development project on track and focused. This clarity helps prevent the software project from expanding beyond its original bounds, a common challenge in consulting engagements.
  • Enhances Client Satisfaction: Clients are more satisfied when they see tangible improvements in the metrics they care about. This satisfaction often translates into long-term relationships and positive referrals, which are gold in the IT consulting business.
  • Encourages Strategic Thinking: Knowing the client’s desired metrics encourages IT consultants to think strategically about the software development solutions they offer. This approach ensures that the IT solutions are not just good in theory but effective in practice, leading to real business outcomes.

Practical Tips for Implementing The Why Conversation

  1. Ask Open-Ended Questions: Start by asking broad questions that encourage clients to discuss their business challenges and goals freely. This conversation will help you identify the metrics they care about most.
  2. Quantify Success: Once you identify the key metric, work with the client to quantify what success looks like for them. This will help in defining clear, measurable targets that you can aim for.
  3. Align Solutions with Metrics: Design your software development services and solutions to directly impact the client’s key metrics. Make sure every strategy you propose ties back to these metrics.
  4. Review and Adjust: Metrics can evolve as business conditions change. Regularly review the metrics with your client to ensure they still align with their business goals and adjust your development strategies as necessary.


In conclusion, The Why Conversation is more than just a tool; it’s a mindset that should permeate all aspects of your IT consulting services. By focusing on the metrics that matter most to your clients, you can ensure that your development efforts are valuable, appreciated, and directly tied to their success. This approach not only helps in delivering tangible outcomes but also builds a solid foundation for trust and long-term collaboration.

Remember, in IT consulting, success is not just about applying best practices; it’s about applying the right practices that make a measurable difference in your client’s business.

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