Web development has faced remarkable evolution in the past 5 years. It is needless saying what future holds for this sector! Very soon web development will reach a level beyond anyone’s imagination. None is unaware about the peculiar prominence that Smartphones and tablets have gained during 2013. Companies who have built these web apps with unmatched approach deserve a standing ovation for their innovation. 2013 was a transition duration for Smartphones and tablets. Developers, brands and designers were mingling their skills to contribute in the evolution of mobile medium.

Building responsive designs were the key concern for web and mobile development businesses. Rather they continue to be a center of attraction even today and will be in the future too. Also HTML5 gradually promoted a platform to “write once, run anywhere.” Now the web development industry is fully equipped with the required coding and design platforms to bring something innovative in web development. The evolution is so massive that now there exists a very thin line between experiencing the use of a mobile or a desktop which will soon blur.

Comparatively Smarter Transitions

Mobile apps brought renaissance in web designing. iOS and Android have greatly impacted thinking of the web developers. When it comes to design a highly responsive, functional and interface interactive application, developers look forward for web transition to facilitate replica of mobile application experience. Tablets and Smartphones have promoted coherent performance along with visually appealing interfaces. This is the standard expectation ought to be amongst the designers.

With the use of retina display and the launch of 4k resolution, the major focus for website designer is a seamless transition along with the functionality of the website. This will be applicable to mobile devices as well as desktops. Impelled with screen resolution advancement, smooth touch screen technology and distinct web development techniques, the expectations of users will rise in 2014. They will rather wish to have precise visual aesthetics to perform lucid functions. With high resolution screen clarity, minute flaws will be recognizable. 2014 will evolve websites as much more app like.

Diminishing The Thin Line Between Operating System And Browser


In 2013, Google and Mozilla launched their variants as OS. It was possible for the user to run their PC with Chrome or Firefox. With the enhanced popularity of Chromebooks, a new standard is set as to who will offer a responsive operating system.


2014 will evolve the web browser as a new beast completely. For instance HTML5 based web development can give you direct access to an engraining browser powered digital experience. No plugin or download would be required for consoling quality experience over a video game.

Go-Live Is The New Focus

The major focus of 2014 for any organization is to go-live flawlessly. In 2014, quality check and assurance were in the news where web development processes were opened to the public when the launch of Healthcare.gov failed.

Hence, instead of quality assurance test or acceptance, web development companies will utilize go-live prospect to make their operational prowess exclusive. This will avoid any kind of loss to the brand’s image with seamless launch.

Attention Towards Typography

Web apps or websites look ahead to fit in mobile screens. Tablets and Smartphones offer distinct reading and navigation experiences than what users experience over a desktop. The compact sized screen of the mobile phone does not offer appropriate access to web apps or websites. The user finds it difficult to read any kind of text flashing on the device’s screen. Also, clicking on a specific link on a small link gets cumbersome and sometimes irritable too.

Hence size, layout, typed content, location etc. will be focused greatly. Similar development has been made by Windows 8 and iOS7 with their flat design trend where text based content is the focal point.

Talk Of The Post-PC Era

How will the web development fare post-pc era? Very few are aware of the answer to this question despite of seeing what wonders web development is bringing. The web development began from the pHs only. Hence, emergence of advanced tablets or Smartphones will not vanish the presence of PCs. Even today, PCs hold an important value and will never be dead. Though developers are interested in enhancing web experience over mobile, they will bring a new trend in web development in 2014. Clients these days are more interested in building web experiences that are more immersive rather than being driven in the app world.

2014 will be a new post pc era with distinct innovations over web.

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