If you are a Java developer, you would certainly be aware about the excitement that currently surrounds the Java 9 updates. Java 9 is extensively used across various platforms and there are many developers who make use of this technology. However, the expected upgrades are expected to take Java to another level. While the Java Development Kit 9 is expected to be released in early 2016, speculations have already begun about how the technology upgrade will transform the way Java was always used.

Anticipated Features:

Let us speak about some of the features that are causing all the excitement among individuals and enterprises alike:

Light Weight API: API is an integral element of JSON. It is generally used not just for consuming but also building documents and data streams by making use of the JSON data interchange format. A light weight API would bring considerable benefits to the developers and the users of the technology.

API Updates: Another area where the Java 9 upgrade might make an update in easing up the handling of operating system process. The current API makes it mandatory for Java developers to make use of native codes. However, the update will change that and make the process simpler.

Contended Locking: Java developers always believed that there was some room for the improvement of contended Java object monitors. It is anticipated that this might actually happen in the upgrade. The goal is to improve contended Java object monitors.

Modular Source Code: With this source code update, it will become easier to execute the Java 9 SE platform on smaller devices. It also means the performance of applications will improve, and they will become more secure. In short, Java developers would have better tools for programming.

Code Cache Segmentation: As the name suggests, this feature will allow the separation of the code cache. One will be able to segment them. This will not only enable the use of extentions, it will also augment the performance of apps.

Java Compilation: This feature is expected to accentuate the ability of the compiler tool.

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