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More than three decades ago, Tim Berners-Lee, a British physicist, published the first-ever website in Switzerland. By the end of 1992, there were around ten websites and after W3 technology was introduced, the Internet never looked back in growing its number worldwide. While 1994 marked 3000 websites, the year 2021 reported more than 1.88 billion websites on the Internet. Websites define businesses today and no company would take a risk to survive in the market without having their digital presence. But a billion-dollar question is whether having a website is enough or whether you need to maintain it. Website maintenance keeps your website alive and kicking; with no maintenance, your products and services would lie in some dark corner of the Internet.

In this short guide, we will brief you about what is website maintenance. What is the website maintenance cost? And what are monthly website maintenance packages available with IT service companies?

What is website maintenance?

In a layperson’s terms, website maintenance is a task performed to have a regular health check of a website.

In other words, a vigorous audit and testing of a website to know how it is functioning and what user experience it is offering to all visitors. The importance of website maintenance is such that it enables webmasters and website owners to know any flaws, issues, concerns, and glitches or irregularities in the functioning of a website.

The Importance of Website Maintenance to Businesses

Maintaining a website is highly essential for businesses. Enterprises put a significant amount of money into designing and developing websites to showcase their products, services, and strengths.

Importance of website maintenance

Poorly maintained websites will turn down their visitors and, as a result, there will be a marked reduction in the traffic of the website. Ultimately, losing traffic on the Internet means losing customers and finally, it affects the sales and profits of businesses.

Monthly website maintenance practice is a great way to keep your websites live and interactive. This assures you that your corporate website offers a positive impression to visitors and the user experience is sustained effectively. If a business website is plagued with slow speed, misalignment, irrelevant content, and poor navigation or access, it will have an unsavory impression to visitors resulting in a huge bouncing rate and your business will suffer from low visibility on the Internet.

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The benefits of website maintenance services

Businesses get ample benefits from website maintenance package contracts. Not only do they save a big chunk of money but also stay worry-free from the downtime and poor performance of their corporate websites.

Here are some of the important benefits you get from signing a web maintenance contract with service providers –

Benefits of website maintenance

Professional website maintenance services

WeblineIndia is one of the known website maintenance companies that offer no-worry services to keep your corporate or business websites alive on the Internet. Here is the website maintenance checklist we offer to our esteemed website owners.

Website backup

In this professional website maintenance service program, we use features from website hosting providers. We take website data backups at regular intervals to avoid any data loss.

Plugin upgrade

Labeled under WordPress website maintenance, plugin updates are performed to maintain the easy functionality of a website. Our services include upgrading to the latest version, implementing relevant changes in staging first, and then deploying on the production.

Themes upgrade

Again, covered under one of the WordPress monthly website maintenance packages, theme upgrade includes updating to the latest theme and maintaining it as per business requirements. We first implement the required changes to staging first and then make them available on the production.

Performance monitoring

Any website repair and maintenance service contract would cover the website performance monitoring. From testing the website loading speed optimization to other factors that affect user experience are thoroughly checked and fixed.

Website monitoring

For this service, the website maintenance contract includes reviewing the page design and layout break issues. Our expert website developers check every webpage’s health and nitpick issue it shows which hamper visitors’ experience and expectations.

Security updates

Security check is crucial for any web maintenance service contract. With thousands of malware attacks and other security breaches reported regularly, it is essential to perform a test that measures the security and safety of an official website.

Compatibility check

Checking and maintaining compatibility of the codes with PHP, MySQL, and DB’s latest version is crucial for any website maintenance packages that most companies in website design, development, and hosting offer. This service includes reviewing the latest versions of PHP, MYSQL, and Database and also verifying that there is no violation or compatibility issues with the website.

How much does website maintenance cost in packages?

While online checklists and guides are available, they don’t guarantee a comprehensive health check for your website. Thus, you must go for a monthly website maintenance package offered by reputable IT companies and agencies.

Most of the website design and development companies offer maintenance contracts on a monthly or yearly basis. You can opt for the packages and save a good amount of money.

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