So, you’ve launched your app to the marketplace and it starts generating profits. You cannot sit back and wait for the results.

What should You Do?

No one can tell you when you should update your mobile app. No two applications and no two companies are the same. Hence, the time of updating the app is meant to be different.

When should you update your app depends on the type of your business and the kind of app you have. If your app supplements to your core services, then it may not require regular updates. If the success of your mobile app depends on the user experience, then you will have the pressure to update your app constantly.

The choice of your app platform also plays a major role in deciding when to update your app. If you have an app on Google Play Store, it’s easier for developers to submit new updates instantly. On the other hand, the Apple Store may consider each updates as an initial release and so, it would go through a full approval process. If there are some rectifications for bugs or issues, Apple would speed up the process. According to a recent research, Android developers update their apps about twice as often as iOS programmers.

Another factor that helps in deciding when to update your app is whether you make use of agile methodologies for developing the apps. If you use agile development structure, then you may have kept a close eye on the process of development. So, in that case, you can be assured that your app is relevant.

Changes to Hardware and Software Platforms

Hardware and software changes are considered to be the major factors for updates. A mobile app may behave differently as per the device, even if the operating system is the same.

The modifications in the screen size can affect the performance of your app. Changes to the camera, RAM, sensors, battery, chipset, etc. can also affect the behavior of your app. Talking about the software updates, the key issue for the developers will be modifications to the operating system of the device.

Bug Grooming

You may have poured in a lot of time, money and efforts for developing your app, but you cannot escape security patches and bug fixes. Even after thorough testing, there can be certain unforeseen issues for your app.

The best way to conquer the bugs is to maintain transparent communication with your users. As you may receive frequent and detailed feedback from the users, you will be able to respond to urgent issues quickly and efficiently. In-app messaging can also prove useful in this regard.

The Bottom Line

With the ever-changing technology trends, it is advisable to update your app as frequently as possible. You may discover several reasons to update your app and steady updates to your app mean that your content remains fresh. With every update, you gain a chance to notify the users and remind them about your app. Happy Updating!

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