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Client is an emerging startup striving to come up with unique solutions related to Bill payment sharing requirements for different kind of businesses and services.

Business Need

Client wanted to build a mobile application based solution specifically targeted for roommates to share different kind of services related expenses between different groups for making bill payment easier and hassle free for everyone.

Client Situation

Client didn’t find good solution available in market for people to share their expenses and also provide support from transfer between banks etc.

Client also wanted integrate maximum possible service provides for users to pay bills for different kind of services with an advantage of sharing amount within group of members.

Client also wanted to provide facility to manage recursive payment for bills related to different kind of periodic services or plans.


PhoneGap, Jquery Mobile, Javascript, Spring Boot, Bank APIs

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Recommended Solution

Our banking domain technology experts designed and developed this solution based on client’s requirement and addressed specific facilities client wanted to provide as part of the solution, such as bill payment sharing and recursive payment option.

Our mobile app solution made overall bill payment sharing quick and easy for users.

Mobile application also provides some very crucial and unique features as mentioned below.

  • Group and user role management
  • Bill payment and money transfer between different banks
  • Single sign-on for users using Gmail and Facebook social accounts
  • Custom options to split bill amount in multiple parts for easy sharing
  • Facility to calculate transaction fees for each bill payment for transparent sharing between group members
  • Easy to access settlement reports and transaction detail for better clarify
  • Push notification based smart alert system
  • SMS service based instant alert mechanism


This solution has provided efficient and hassle free way of bill payment sharing for groups by splitting payment amounts equally in all group members

It also provides facility to manage recursive payment mode along with splitting amount with one time configuration of team members, service provider selection and amount to be paid

User can also view detailed settlement report, outstanding due and payment status management for individual and group

This solution provides easy to use way for better planning of any kind of billing to be managed within group.

Push notification provides quick alerts for different activities from group members and also any new bill sharing plan prepared by group owner.

User can also enroll and unsubscribe from any bill sharing groups as per their requirement and usage of relevant service.

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