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Client is a leading Australian supermarket service provider, operating across 100+ locations and employing over 3000 workers.

Business Need

While doing shopping, Chatbot should answer customer’s queries directly and upfront without need of reading the lengthy product specifications and also without the need of any interaction with customer support executive. It should answer specific customer questions to reduce the workload of floor staff.

Some add-on features expected such as,

  • Manage shopping history and preferences
  • Scan a loyalty card barcode in-store to encourage shopping rewards

Client Situation

During shopping, many customers would like to review/research more when the information available in store is insufficient. For example, a product specification in-store is of limited use or of no use if it is irrelevant to what customer is looking for. Chatting with floor assistant is possible, however it increases cost and availability. Therefore, Client wanted to build Chatbot based solution which could be helpful to end customers during shopping in supermarket.


  • Dialogflow & Google Cloud platform integration
  • iPhone App: iOS – Xcode, Objective C, Instruments, iPad Simulator & Devices
  • Android App: Android Studio IDE, Google Android SDK
  • Backend: PHP, MySQL, APIs, HTML5, CSS3
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Recommended Solution

Keeping in mind about customer’s shopping experience, WeblineIndia has delivered a complete platform for Supermarket Chatbot App. Customer interactions with Chatbot are simple, intuitive and engaging.

Chatbot application has been integrated with Super market’s centralized system for accessing real time product and other information from any of the chain stores.

Key differentiators like,

  • Implemented barcode scanning option to scan loyalty card for discount and rewards
  • Provided notification facility to setup alerts through ‘Watching’ feature to receive offers and discounts in future


Chatbots redefined customer shopping experience by informing users based on their preferences and help them as virtual floor assistant. It proved to be a perfect help for mobile savvy customers.

Chatbot based solution helped client to save staff handling cost by 30%. Application provided 24×7 availability to end customers by overcoming staff unavailability issues during odd hours.

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