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The client is an industry leader delivering banking solutions which includes Transaction Management, Account Management, Reconciliation Process, Bill Payments etc.

Business Need

Client would like to have a banking platform to manage Accounts, Financial Transactions, Payments with large volume of Data processing in real time.

Client Situation

Client wanted to have a portal with below key features and also looking for AMS (Application Maintenance and Support) of same.

  • Manage accounts securely
  • Manage transactions
  • Manage Reconciliation process
  • Processing large volume of data in real time
  • Data security, Backup and Recovery practices as per Banking compliance standards


Spring Boot, Glue (Authentication), Kong API (Authorization), Hadoop, AWS API, OAuth 2.0, Mifos, Kafka – q, MongoDB, Elastic Search

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Recommended Solution

Banking Domain experts at WeblineIndia transformed every requirement of the client into a robust solution.

Few highlights –

  • ACL based user management with different roles and permissions
  • Secured Accounts and Transactions management
  • Handling of huge Data traffic at any point of time without failure
  • Scheduled reports for different activities such as, Various Intraday Core Banking Reports, Reconciliation Report, Weekly/Monthly Statements etc.


Both, The Business and Household users can use a single platform easily for every Banking need.

  • Cent percent reliability with zero unplanned outages
  • Notifications as per user’s choice without any unscrupulous calls/messages
  • Secured and handy payments mechanism under one platform for every biller set by users.

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