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Our client is one of the leading FOREX service provider company in Nigeria. They have been into finance industry since many years now.

Business Need

Client wanted to build a solution where Administrators can have analysis of daily and historic currency exchange rates. Also users should be able to generate comparison reports for purchased currencies. The application should be able to notify about variation in exchange prices to end users.

Client Situation

Some of the key features expected in this solution are,

  • Job Schedulers to retrieve Forex data at regular intervals.
  • Send notification alerts to the users based on price changes.
  • Manage historical currency rates, portfolio and exchange reports.


  • PHP 7.x
  • Laravel 5.x
  • MongoDB 3.x
  • Angular
  • HTML5 / CSS3
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Recommended Solution

Our software development team developed the solution with key features as below,

  • Provided Web based application platform to manage business centers, currency rates, exchange rates, maintain historical data and alerts of currency rates changes.
  • Implemented scheduled jobs to retrieve current exchange prices from servers multiple times a day.
  • Implemented feature to import parallel FX currency data.
  • Implemented scheduled jobs to send alerts to users about exchange rates changes.
  • Implemented tool to compare exchange rates summary via graphical interface.
  • Implemented tool to generate lead request for BDC systems via map view.


Our client was very delighted with the solution developed by our software development team. With this solution our client was able to increase their revenue with increased customers. Our FOREX management solution included some of the key features as below,

  • Automated solution to handle Forex data.
  • Custom reports for Administrators.
  • Email and SMS alerts to users for exchange rate changes.

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