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The client is a leader producing IoT platforms for widespread industrial use. Currently, the client supports industries like STEM Research, Virtual Reality and planning to focus on Home Automation appliances.

Business Need

Client was looking for development support to serve IoT enabled Home Automation Systems.

Client Situation

Client wanted to have an IoT based prototype version that could control some basic home appliances from mobile application through BLE technology and access statistics through dashboard.

Few devices targeted for prototype are:

  • Controlling LED display
  • Moisture Sensor & Temperature Alerts
  • Controlling Camera and Coffee Maker


Backend System: Ionic, Socket Programming, Raspberry PI, Node JS, Javascript

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Recommended Solution

Proposed solution leverages multiple layers of security and communications to connect all Internet of Things (IoT) enabled devices. All IoT devices are controlled and managed from mobile app using BLE technology.

  • Options to input HEX code to control different appliances through using Raspberry Pi, Arduino
  • LED on/off along with brightness control facility
  • Moisture & Temperature Alerts based on predefined cut-off range
  • Scheduled on and off mechanism for cameras and coffee machine


Universal Internet of Things (IoT) platform turned out as one-stop solution to control devices using Raspberry Pi, Arduino over Linux, Mac and Windows based platforms. The solution provided few smart ways to control devices like, LEDs, Coffee maker and Cameras. It ensures that communication and data transfer is safe and secure among all connected IoT devices.

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