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Case Study

Supercharging Image Retrieval System with Deep Learning & AI for Marketers

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Client introduction: A Well-Known Digital Marketing Agency

Tools and Technologies: 

NLTK (Natural Language Toolkit)
FER (Facial expression recognition)
DETR (DEtection TRansformer) Model
CLIP Model
HAAR Cascade
HuggingFace Transformers
FLASK Framework
AWS S3 Bucket
Kubernetes / Docker
AWS SageMaker
Shutterstock API
ImagesBazaar API
FreePik API
Visual Studio Code
Jupyter Notebook

Business Challenge

Getting lost in the sea of visual content, the client struggled to precisely locate relevant images. As a reputed brand in the advertising and media industry, they possess a massive internal database that contains thousands of images including real photos/pictures, cartoons, line art, sketches, and the like. The database includes a diverse range of subjects, topics, and types depicting specific moods to be used for specific purposes such as education, marketing, sales, and simply to showcasing.

The traditional keyword-based searches proved inadequate as they showed limitations of human-generated captions. The digital marketing agency sought a powerful AI-based solution that bridges the gap between textual prompts and image content of all kinds.

Quick Onboarding

The agency contacted WeblineIndia with their concern. Our business and technology consultants got right into the core of the issue and suggested the roadmap to having a customized AI based image retrieval system that would solve the problem once and for all. The project was discussed, and AI developers got onboard in less than a week.

The Solution

A custom-built AI solution for image retrieval system was suggested. The tool would be powered by the dynamic duo of NLP (Natural Language Processing) and Computer Vision along with some help of other contemporary technologies.

Unpacking the tech stack 

The client had a clear idea about utilizing Artificial Intelligence; nevertheless, we added a few more technologies and tools to make the software product more powerful and accurate. Here are the primary tech stacks used in the project:

AI Tech Stack for Image Retrieval System

Behind The Scenes: The deep dive into the core functionality

The client had a clear idea about utilizing Artificial Intelligence; nevertheless, we added a few more technologies and tools to make the end product more powerful and accurate.

Behind the scenes of Image retrieval system

However, our AI based Image retrieval system required a bit more exclusive approach with contemporary tools and technologies.

Benefits Beyond Efficiency


Precision over keywords

The AI-enabled system transcends the limitations of obsolete techniques of keyword-based searches and results. The powerful AI system delves into semantic meaning of both the image content and user’s queries to bring results that are remarkably more accurate and precise.

Unleashing creativity

The AI-powered image retrieval software opened the doors to explore newer creative avenues for the agency because it identified images with similar content but aesthetically different ones. The marketers could discover unimaginable visual connections and sparked tremendous unique campaign ideas resonating with the targeted audience.

Future ready and scalable

Future-ready scalability

Built with powerful AWS cloud platform, the image retrieval system efficiently scales to accommodate the ever-growing database of visual and textual content. The software tool is future ready as it ensures its effectiveness is not vulnerable to any expansion of visual libraries in the coming times.

Quantifiable results

With the help of AI-powered image retrieval software, the agency implemented a much-required solution for their business. There were exceptional transformational results for the client’s agency.

75% In reduction in image search time

75% reduction in image search time: the marketers at the agency were capable of locating relevant pictures with supersonic speed and thus saved valuable time to spare on other strategic campaign planning.

40% Increase in client satisfaction

40% increase in client satisfaction: the agency noted that they were able to deliver consistently high-quality campaigns with very enticing and engaging graphics. The campaigns with related visual content resulted in boosting client satisfaction and thus loyalty.

28% Increase in campaign effectiveness

28% increase in campaign effectiveness: the time saved from searching relevant images was spent in strategizing marketing with more aggressive efforts. The workflow was improved and as a result, the agency could optimize better resource allocation.


By harnessing the power of AI in image retrieval, this case study showcases how AI can reshape various industries, specially marketing & advertising industry. This technology not only personalizes campaigns but also unlocks a new level of efficiency, paving the way for a future of smarter visual marketing.

If you want to take advantage of AI, then contact us today for a Free consultation.

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