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Case Study

MBaaS – Mobile Backend as a Service

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The research giant Statista mentions that consumers downloaded more than 250 billion mobile apps on connected devices, and the figure is going up day by day. The client quoted the figure and introduced themselves as one of the premier IT organizations headquartered in the US. The client revealed that they have served more than 6000 clients worldwide and have worked for more than 20 industry niches for building mobile and web apps customized to specific needs and scopes.

Tools and Technologies: 

Rest API
Velocity Templates
Android Studio
Firebase Crashlytics
Firebase Analytics

The business need: keeping up the pace of demand

Being a frontrunner in the IT industry in the US, the client did not want to lose any opportunity as the projects came; nevertheless, it was difficult to meet the demand of mobile apps development in the US with the present workforce they had. The client sought a simple and unified mobile app development across multiple platforms such as iOS and Android.

The client contacted WeblineIndia in the United States and put forth the business idea of developing a MBaaS (Mobile Backend as a Service) platform.

The concern

The MBaaS platform should offer quick mobile app development with a perfect sync between frontend and cloud-based backend. While the solution should also offer making of an app with ease, it should be secure enough while data is transferred, stored, and fetched.

The purpose was to take up app development projects without bothering about the number of resources the client had on the floor. Another concern was to onboard new app developers and designers onto the project without much rigorous training. They should join the team to create an app with ease from any point in SDLC.


WeblineIndia’s approach

Swiftness in building a customized mobile application was possible only with MBaaS – mobile backend as a service platform wherein a simple interface would do the job of a senior mobile app developer. The interface will allow the user to drag and drop UI components based on the business logic fed.

While the frontend is built live in front of the user on the interface, the backend is also getting built JIT (Just in Time). This will remove the coding quagmire and render the easiest way to build a customized mobile app solution for any industry niche.

Without BaSS Mobile App Development
Customized Mobile App Ready

Mobile app developers at WeblineIndia adopted RAD (Rapid Application Development) approach to build intuitive MBaaS platform based on Molecular Mobile Application Development Platform (MMADP). With immense efforts, market research, and coding skills, our mobile app developers came up with an astounding B2B solution, MBaaS under cross platform mobile app development.

The MBaaS platform allowed users to simply drag and drop all the components to create a mobile application in a jiffy. The purpose of building an app with ‘no coding skills required’ was achieved by keeping UI simple to understand and easy to navigate.

Without writing a single code, the testing of MBaaS was successful as the app could not only create backend codes but also seamlessly connected and synced with data source, user directories, and RSS feeds.

Special features on demand

The client was quite firm to have customized features to make the product aloof from the rest of the mobile app development tools available on the market. Thus, we listened to our clients’ every bit of concern and walked an extra mile to achieve the special features.

API Builder

The client insisted on having a feature to build a custom API without writing a single line of code. We successfully created intuitive API builder in MBaaS platform.

API Builder

MBaaS Platform features

The purpose of building a readymade mobile app developing tool for an IT giant in the US was to create mobile apps as fast as possible. While mobile app development through drag-and-drop features may look easier, the process required intense efforts and brainstorming. From libraries to smooth transaction of deploying UI components, every action was carefully executed keeping in mind only one thing: turning ideas into reality without writing a single line of code. These features made the product a ‘happening’ tool for the client.

250+ Reusable Libraries

200+ off-the-shelf Components

One Page Configuration

SSO Feasible

End-to-End Encryption/Decryption

Governance and Security Compliant

Preset Customizable

Scalable Enterprise Connectors Bus (ECB)

Click-n-Sync Enterprise Storage Systems

Click-n-Integrate 3rd Party Analytics

Post Launch Reports & Crash Logs


Client’s report after a month

The client was delighted with the results. The MBaaS solution provided by us did wonders and remarkedly accelerated the pace of building mobile applications with industry-specific customization of all kinds.


Reduced coding


Accelerated mobile app development cycle


Mobile app development costs


Scalability of team


Revenue up by taking more projects

Reasons to cherish the success

By dint of fruitful functionalities of MBaaS, the results achieved were astounding. Here are those specific features that made this MBaaS platform the backbone for the enterprise.

Complete set of cloud services, tools and frameworks to help app developers to create multichannel mobile apps.
Reusing and recycling the code.
MBaaS based MMADP can be used for delivering great apps on local setup or the cloud.
Data storage, user analytics, authentication, content delivery, and robust backend logic.
Pixel perfect development for all OS, version, device size with real time preview.
Zero dependency on setting up surplus application stacks to offer a set of backend services like push notifications, data storage, user management, and many more.
A rich catalog of APIs to connect to the backend resources.

Want to build such Software-as-a-Service SaaS platform for your organization? Contact us now for a free technical consultation.

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